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OpenText training just got even better

Guaranteed to run and half-day courses are here

Research tells us that learning new skills benefits our brain. It increases neuroplasticity which is the brain’s ability to change and adapt through different experiences. That’s a good outcome in our personal lives.

Learning new skills or improving existing skills drives many positive outcomes in our professional lives as well. It increases our confidence, boosts our value as employees, enables us to become more proficient at our jobs and ultimately, can lead to promotion or other types of recognition.

OpenText™ Learning Services wants to help you increase your brain health and raise your profile at work, so we’ve made a couple of improvements to the ways we schedule training. These improvements have been made to deliver convenience, reliability, and confidence to our learners.

First, we have guaranteed to run classes on our training schedules. We know you want training delivered by a subject matter expert within a certain time period. Finding a course that is guaranteed to run allows you to schedule your training with 100% confidence in acquiring the skills you want, when you want them, with an expert instructor.

We’ve made it easy to identify these classes in our online course calendar. Simply select the product suite that reflects your training needs, the time period in which you want to attend the class, your geographic region, and then check the ‘guaranteed to run’ checkbox. Your search results will only include the guaranteed to run options.

Use the Course Calendar to find ‘guaranteed to run’ classes

Secondly, we’ve scheduled selected courses to run as half-day classes versus full day. Customers told us they were more focused and engaged in a half-day class and better able to absorb what they were learning. Use the online course calendar to search for the product training you need. When reviewing results, check out the session duration column to see if the course is available in the half-day format.

Identify half-day classes

Whether it’s a guaranteed to run class, a half-day class or any of the other training options available in the OpenText Course Catalog, our goal is to help you acquire the skills you need to be successful in your role. And if your brain gets a bit bigger and a bit smarter along the way, then that’s an added bonus!

Learning Services

Empowering OpenText customers and partners with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to drive enterprise information management excellence. Learning Services programs leverage intellectual property and global domain expertise gained over 20 years enabling the team to deliver a high-quality learning experience on OpenText solutions. As a comprehensive learning partner, the team provides continuous and flexible learning, certification, industry-proven practices, and access to the right experts and skill development throughout the learning journey.

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