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By 2025, according to Gartner Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services (February 2023), we foresee a significant shift: 60% of organizations will actively…

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November 6, 20233 minute read

By 2025, according to Gartner Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services (February 2023), we foresee a significant shift: 60% of organizations will actively embrace remote threat disruption and containment capabilities offered directly by Managed Detection and Response (MDR) providers.

But what does this mean for modern businesses?

In this new era of cybersecurity, where every business must guard its digital fortress, the question arises: How do you navigate this intricate landscape? How can you select the ideal guardian for your digital realm? Organizations seek solutions that help effectively reduce risk, preserve trust, minimize disruption, and be cyber resilient.

Thankfully, you have a trusted ally – MSSP Alert

Each year MSSP Alert embark on a journey of research and rankings, exploring the complex world of service providers. They are a valuable resource within the CyberRisk Alliance, and consistently assess and rank managed security service providers (MSSPs), security-focused Managed Services Providers (MSPs), and MDR providers.

Picture this … a remarkable ascent of 150 positions!

OpenText™, renowned for innovation, now stands among the industry’s elite as our 2023 ranking propels us into the 68th place in the Top 250 MSSPs.

MSSP Alert and CyberRisk Alliance congratulate OpenText on this honor,” said Jessica C. Davis, editorial director of MSSP Alert, a CyberRisk Alliance resource. “The Top 250 MSSPs continue to outperform the overall cybersecurity services market in 2023. It’s an indication of the strength of managed security services provided by these specialists at a time when cybercrime has accelerated and threatens businesses of every size and from every industry.

Over the past year, a remarkable shift occurred

Organizations sought assistance from MSSPs like OpenText, fortifying their cybersecurity posture. MSSP Alert’s reports depict growth, revealing that the revenues of the Top 250 providers surged in 2023, outpacing the expected growth of the entire cybersecurity market.

OpenText attributes its growth to various factors, including:

  • Meeting new challenges in securing a hybrid workforce and their applications.
  • Addressing an ever-expanding array of threats and compliance requirements, necessitating faster detection and response capabilities.
  • Recognizing the complexities of data security posture management.
  • Meeting business requirements by assessing risks through expert insights and gaining better visibility.

Gartner defines an MSSP as a company offering one or more managed security services. OpenText provides an array of managed security services, from Managed Extended Detection and Response (MDR/MxDR) to vigilant security operations (SOC) and dedicated threat hunting services.

In addition, OpenText augments its MSSP offerings with a broader catalog of cybersecurity services, covering risk and compliance advisory (GRC – Governance, Risk and Compliance) and digital forensics and incident response (DFIR). Our approach to cybersecurity leverages our decades of experience as a leader in information management. Arguably, the most valuable asset for many organizations is their information and everything associated with it.

What does the future hold?

What can OpenText offer to shape the future of cybersecurity? Can our comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity solutions effectively reduce risk, preserve trust, and enhance cyber resilience? The answers await you.

So, dear reader, the journey continues.

OpenText invites you to explore our end-to-end security services. Here, the chapters of cybersecurity simplicity and efficiency come to life. As you visit our website, you’ll discover how OpenText supports customers, whether they are small businesses, corporate giants, or managed service providers.

With OpenText’s breadth and depth, we stand by our promise to help effectively reduce risk, maintain trust, minimize disruption, and fortify defenses against the rising tides of cyber threats.

The adventure is yours to embark upon.

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Marc St-Pierre

Marc leads the OpenText Global Consulting Practice for Cybersecurity which delivers Risk & Compliance Advisory, Digital Forensics & Incident Response and various Managed Security Services. His mission is to promote Cyber Resilience and provide business partners with advice, guidance and assistance to achieve Digital Resilience & Trust. In his 15 years with OpenText, he has developed teams and built solutions in areas of Artificial Intelligence, LegalTech, Linguistics & Translation and now Cybersecurity. He has lectured on semantic technologies and lead growth of OpenText with innovations such as Ai-Augmented Voice of the Customer, Magellan Search+ and Managed Extended Detection & Response.

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