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Mitigating regulatory compliance mandates and investigation risks

At OpenText World EMEA learn how Eversheds Sutherland and Amazon use OpenText eDiscovery and investigation solutions to cut through mass quantities of data to uncover the facts fast.

Modern investigations require interrogating a large collection of electronic documents to quickly answer the key questions and locate the critical evidence—which are intensely demanding in every sense of the word. Whether an unannounced inspection by a competition or criminal investigative authority, an internal investigation promulgated by a whistleblower, or a Subject Rights Request (SRR), these investigations can quickly drain a company’s document repositories–along with an incredible amount of resources and money.

And yet, despite an increasingly complex digital world rife with new compliance mandates, risks and potential landmines, in every instance, time is of the essence to find the facts that will uncover the story.

Join us at OpenText World EMEA to hear how Eversheds Sutherland and Amazon PXT Risk & Compliance are using OpenText advanced eDiscovery and investigations solutions to quickly uncover the key information to minimize risk and damage.

Preparing and responding to dawn raids: Eversheds Sutherland shares how her firm proactively plans

An unannounced inspection by a competition or criminal investigative authority, known as a dawn raid, is a major disruption to any business. After a relative lull in competition investigations in Europe during the height of the pandemic, many competition authorities are now beginning to initiate dawn raids to reduce backlog.

LegalTech sessions at OpenText World EMEA:

How do leading law firms and their clients enact a process and technology plan to respond to dawn raids before they hit?

Join forensic technology expert Melina Efstathiou, Head of Litigation Technology, Eversheds Sutherland to learn the key things your organization needs to know to be in the best position to respond to and minimize the business disruption, costs and risks of a dawn raid. The discussion will focus on the use of OpenText eDiscovery technology and consulting services, including forensics, collections and investigations support.

High-effort SRRs, including DSARs: How Amazon has adopted adaptive workflows to lower costs for high-effort subject rights requests

SRRs, including DSARs, can be resource and budget hungry compliance mandates—particularly when they involve large volumes of documents that must be reviewed to identify and protect personally identifiable information (PII) pursuant to the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR). The incentives to comply are material, including non-compliance fines of up to 4 percent of revenue under the GDPR, and loss of reputation and business for vendors that do not act as responsible stewards of data privacy.

In this session, Aleksandra (Ola) Szymanik, Quality Specialist, DSR, EMEA for Amazon PXT Risk & Compliance will share how Amazon leverages advanced eDiscovery technology and processes to drive down cost and decrease the burden and risks associated with high-effort DSARs.

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Wendy Cole

Wendy is a long-time legal technology and eDiscovery enthusiast. Having participated in many facets of the legal and legal technology industries, her broad range of experience spans from being on the front-line of eDiscovery projects as a civil litigator and eDiscovery counsel, to managing and marketing legal technology software and services for global organizations.

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