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A toolkit for your OpenText customer journey

Both technology providers and customers increasingly recognize the importance of onboarding to start the journey of adopting new technology on the right foot. But what makes for a successful onboarding experience? Donna Weber, The Customer Onboarding Expert, has written extensively on this topic. She stresses that onboarding is “much more than deploying your product”. Weber also emphasizes that onboarding is not the same thing as implementation: “While implementation is a critical element of onboarding new customers, a comprehensive onboarding program starts before the deal closes and continues after the go-live date to build enduring relationships.”

OpenText™ recently introduced a digital Customer Success Welcome Kit to support customer onboarding. This free digital customer success guide is open to all OpenText customers via the newly launched success portal. (An account in OpenText’s self-service My Support portal is required for access). The Welcome Kit and Success Portal map out each stage of the customer journey, outlining key steps customers should complete to get the most from their OpenText solutions. Let’s explore how OpenText’s Welcome Kit can provide support throughout your journey, both during the onboarding phase and beyond, by connecting you with key people and resources across OpenText.

Digital Success Resources for every stage of your journey

As Weber emphasizes, your customer journey doesn’t end once implementation is complete. The resources you need most will vary depending on the journey stage you’re in. At the implementation stage, your focus will likely be on ensuring access to your new solution and reviewing best practices. Later, your focus will shift to driving strong adoption across your organization and maximizing the value of your new investment.

OpenText’s digital Customer Success Welcome Kit is designed as a self-service toolkit to help you quickly and easily locate tools and contacts relevant to every stage of your journey.

A diagram that shows the different stages of the customer journey: prepare, onboard, deliver, adopt, engage, and grow.
The OpenText Customer Success Welcome Kit gives you the tools you need to navigate every stage of your journey.

A resource for onboarding new team members

It is often said that when it comes to technology, the only constant is change. Recent events, like the Great Resignation, have made this even more valid. Change may mean that new members join your team and complete their onboarding long after implementation of your OpenText solution is complete. As Weber stresses, onboarding focuses on people, not product. By providing an all-in-one toolkit, the digital Customer Success Welcome Kit can help quickly bring new staff up to speed on OpenText resources and applications.

Ensure you get the most from your technology investments

Beyond implementation and onboarding, the Welcome Kit outlines additional tools and resources that can help you to maximize the value of your OpenText investment. Whether you are looking to connect with a community of fellow users, looking to stay informed about product and service updates, or seeking out training and certification opportunities, you will find information in the Welcome Kit. For even more support on your customer journey, explore OpenText Customer Success Services. Participating customers are guided through their customer journey by a customer success manager who leads a series of structured workshops to facilitate onboarding, maximize adoption, and support success planning.

Digital transformation requires more than simply finding and implementing the right solution. It demands assessing your business goals to identify the solutions that will best meet your business needs – now and in the future. Regardless of whether you leverage the Welcome Kit as a self-service resource or as part of Customer Success Services, it puts at your fingertips the tools needed to help your digital transformation efforts succeed.

Explore the OpenText Success portal or download the Welcome Kit!

Cassandra Tilson

Cassandra Tilson is a Product Marketing Manager at OpenText, focusing on our cloud portfolio. A former Customer Success Manager, she also has more than ten years of experience coordinating public programs and managing partnerships in the museum sector. She is passionate about developing content to educate customers about OpenText’s products and services.

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