How EnCase + AI computer vision makes investigations faster

OpenText & Image Analyzer partner to help investigators find illicit image and video content

The sheer volume of video and image content shared online is staggering. CISCO estimates that this year there will be close to a million minutes of video crossing the internet per second. By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic (an increase of 15x in just 5 years).

As we know, not all of this content is good, or even legal. Digital investigators from law enforcement and corporations must deal with an ever-growing amount of information, and the task of identifying illicit images and videos in either a criminal or civil investigation can be very time-consuming.

A single case can contain thousands or millions of images and videos, most of which are not relevant to the investigation.

At OpenText™ we understand this challenge and are working to help our users process this information more quickly. That is why we are announcing the availability of OpenText™ Media Analyzer for EnCase™, a new module that will reside in both OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic and OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Investigator.

Developed in partnership with Image Analyzer – a UK based artificial intelligence company that specializes in visual threat recognition – OpenText™ Media Analyzer for EnCase™ helps investigators parse through visual content and information to find the evidence they need to prosecute criminals and protect victims. With this new module, investigators can identify images and videos containing visual threats such as adult content, violence, extremism, drugs, child abuse material, weapons and other relevant categories.

OpenText™ Media Analyzer for EnCase™ also leverages Image Analyzer computer vision AI to sort images and videos based on category and risk profile, significantly reducing manual review and decreasing the time to discover critical evidence.

Finally, Image Analyzer technology can flag new or previously unseen illegal image and video material. This allows investigators to quickly identify recently generated material and potential new victims.

Additional Benefits

  • Advanced AI delivers high detection and near zero false positives
  • Specialized forensic categories available – CSAM, Identification, Currency & Documents
  • Supports image and video file types
  • Speeds up CSAM investigations by reducing image review
  • Reduce backlog of cases
  • Investigate Computer Misuse
  • Verify Employee Misconduct
  • Perform Internal Audits
  • Embedded SDK available – no content sent to the cloud assuring data and evidence integrity

OpenText™ Media Analyzer for EnCase™ is available now for OpenText customers. For more information on OpenText Forensic Security solutions, or to contact us, visit our website.


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