Experience Suite Release—Adaptive, Omni-Channel Experiences

Digital technologies have ushered in the “age of the customer.” With increasing access to information about products and services, today’s consumers are empowered to shop…

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April 10, 20143 minutes read

Digital technologies have ushered in the “age of the customer.” With increasing access to information about products and services, today’s consumers are empowered to shop comparatively online, influence the buying behavior of peers, and guide the overall brand experience. They expect immediacy and experiences that satisfy. The sales funnel of the past is being replaced by multiple interactions that create a lifetime of customer value and brands are consistently maintained in consumer communities rather than by advertising or marketing departments.

By the year 2020, enterprises need to transform for the age of the customer. To gain a sustainable competitive advantage, companies need the ability to connect directly with the customer to create exceptional, long-term, and rewarding experiences. To nurture deeper relationships with customers, organizations are increasingly required to create consistent experiences, tailored to suit individual needs, across multiple digital channels, touch-points, and even supply chains. Organizations that do this effectively will benefit from deeper relationships with their customers, based on data-driven insights that enable them to more effectively meet their customers’ evolving needs.

The latest release of the OpenText Experience Suite bundles interlocking capabilities into a comprehensive solution designed to deliver engaging customer experiences across all touch-points. It manages the entire customer experience by combining adaptive content management, orchestrated information flows, and compelling omni-channel experiences—all within a governance framework to ensure consistency. Experience Suite accelerates collaborative media creation, curation, and personalization to ensure that each user gets the best possible experience at every point of interaction.
Experience Suite delivers rich, digital engagement through:

Faster time to market:
with omni-channel and tailored experiences based on analytic insights and market feedback.

Responsive delivery:
adaptive content management consolidates information from multiple sources to publish the most effective content for the buyer. Adaptive content delivers experiences that are device agnostic and can adjust as customers switch between devices and channels.

Unified, seamless experiences:
by connecting a broad ecosystem of partners (e-commerce, translation engines, web analytics, social media, and more) to deliver a consistent and seamless brand experience.

through orchestrated information flows to ensure information and assets are effectively managed,
governed, and can be reused in multiple instances.

Extensible EIM services:
engagement can be extended to include comprehensive EIM capabilities, such as enterprise content management to process management, information exchange, and information discovery—all in one environment.

Flexible deployment options:
Experience Suite gives organizations the option to deploy on premise, in the cloud, or in combination using a hybrid solution.
OpenText Experience Suite provides rapid design tools to create and manage content that is delivered to web, social, mobile and print destinations, and is integrated with the AppWorks EIM developer platform, extending capabilities to all of the OpenText product suites. Solutions can be built on the platform to address digital marketing, customer self-service, social communities and brand management initiatives.
OpenText Experience Suite combines capabilities that have been architected to work seamlessly together. Technologies include Web Experience Management (WEM), Customer Communication Management (CCM), Media Management, Tempo Social, and Portal.
To find out more, read the press release.

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Mark J. Barrenechea joined OpenText as President and Chief Executive Officer in January 2012, and also serves as a member of the Board of Directors. In January 2016, Mark took on the role of Chief Technology Officer and was appointed Vice Chair in September 2017.

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