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A day in the life of an OpenText Account Development Representative

Anita Pejkovic, an Account Development Representative (ADR) based out of our Waterloo headquarters, offers a snapshot into working at OpenText.

Here’s a typical day in the life of an ADR, as described by Anita:

6:30 am – Rise and shine
I check my emails first thing in the morning. Since I cover the West Coast of the US, the time difference means that there’s always something in my inbox first thing.

7:00 am – Get ready for the day!

Our office is business casual, which makes it comfortable and easy to get ready each morning – so I can just focus on making that perfect cup of morning coffee.


8:30 am – Arrive at work and begin to call prospects

Our team starts the day by making calls at the same time in a light, fun, and motivating atmosphere. Having co-workers “creating noise” as well allows for a driven environment where you can feed off of each other’s energy.

10:00 am – Prospecting follow up and coffee break

During this time, I do all my follow-up emails. Completing this task early in the day ensures my emails will be one of the first in the prospect’s inbox (due to the time difference on the West coast) and it complements the phone call or voice mail I just left.

Oh yeah, I typically take a quick coffee break around this time! How spoiled are we to have Starbucks machines at work?

11:00 am – Calls with Account Executives

I’ve learned a lot from the Account Executives I work with – they share best practices on how to manage and really own the work I do. Our calls typically cover prospecting efforts, follow-up contacts, new projects, ongoing initiatives, unique ways to approach accounts, and weekend plans.

1:00 pm – Lunch at Café-O

Somewhere between 1 and 2 pm, I take a break for lunch. OpenText has THE best lunch options. If you’re buying lunch, the options are endless. The café always has a ton of choices available at a great price. There are made-to-order sandwiches or wraps; custom stir-frys, taco bowls, or pastas; daily soups; a variety of pre-made salads; rotating entrees; and a number of other favourites available every day.

2:00 pm – Research and account development

After chatting with my Account Executives, I have a solid direction to focus my energy on for the remainder of the day. I’m ready to start digging! At this point, I map out my “relationship footprint” for a particular account and strategically plan how to leverage my footprint to prospect new efforts.


3:45 pm – Ping-Pong break

My co-workers are better than me by far, but practice makes perfect. One day, I will beat them!

4:00 pm – Prepare for the next day

I usually wrap up my current work day by preparing for the following one. Whether it’s setting up calls for the next morning, organizing account follow up, or gathering contacts to invite to an event, staying on top of your next day is important in this role.

5 pm – Heading home

I pick a “ride home” playlist on my iPod and relax to my favorite tunes on my short drive home. Later in the evening, I’ll train in martial arts, as I do most nights, and then spend some time relaxing with my family before starting it all over again!

Does Anita’s role and work life sound appealing? We’re currently hiring talented and outgoing individuals like Anita for Account Development Representative and Account Development Manager positions around the globe. Take a look at opportunities on our Careers site:


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