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Connected Workspaces: A more effective way for dispersed teams to work

We are currently living through very turbulent times. The new environment has most certainly impacted your teams, and impacted their productivity and efficiency.

With all the disruption to our work habits, you may be looking for a more effective way for dispersed teams to manage content-centric work. OpenText™ Connected Workspaces, an OpenText™ Content Suite Platform module, uses pre-built templates and the Smart View user interface to connect data, people, content, and tasks in a customized area.

a Connected Workspace which has been customized for a law department
Connected Workspaces create customized areas to connect data, people, content, and tasks.

Connected Workspaces offers your team the following benefits:

  • Eliminate inefficiencies by aligning teams, content and collaborative business processes
  • Remove the risks of ad hoc information exchange with automated governance
  • Free up valuable IT resources and drive more value from Content Suite Platform
  • Reduce information silos with a foundation that integrates content to lead applications

Check out how Waikato Regional Council leveraged these benefits to create an area where employees can easily collaborate on a common task and share information securely with external parties.

Learn more about the value of using Connected Workspaces to more efficiently and effectively deliver on tasks and goals.

Daniela Santarossa

Daniela Santarossa is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with responsibility for the Content Suite family and new SaaS content services platform, Core Content.

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