Announcing OpenText OT2 19.4

The use of SaaS applications is on the rise and experts believe that 75% of all applications will be SaaS-powered by 2020. One reason for…

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November 12, 20194 minutes read

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The use of SaaS applications is on the rise and experts believe that 75% of all applications will be SaaS-powered by 2020. One reason for this is that many SaaS platforms utilize machine learning and algorithms to automate processes. Using artificial intelligence and automation in the modern SaaS world reduces workloads, makes workloads easier to manage and personalize and results in higher end-user productivity[1].

The OpenText OT2 platform is the next-generation EIM as a Service platform that delivers SaaS applications to extend existing OpenText solutions, prevent new information silos, use machine learning and simplify technology investment decisions. And now with OpenText Release 19.4, customers can experience innovations in content services to provide more streamlined capabilities for records management, collaboration, security and storage usage reporting.

The new platform release delivers:

  • Improved productivity through new e-signature capabilities
  • An enriched customer journey experience through dashboards and reports for greater insights
  • Better access and availability through improved localization and multi-national support, resulting in uniformity across global organizations and increased user adoption
  • Shortened time to value for existing investments in off-cloud platforms where OT2 applications extend those solutions into the cloud

New Core SaaS applications now available on OT2

OpenText™ Core for Federated Compliance

OpenText Core for Federated Compliance provides a centralized application for oversight of records policies across multiple content repositories. Initially available for OpenText™ Documentum™, the application features a unique hybrid architecture that can manage cloud or on-premises Documentum repositories.

OpenText™ Core Experience Insights

OpenText™ Core Experience Insights extends the value of the OpenText™ Experience Suite Platform, turning every customer interaction into an opportunity to gather customer data and gain actionable business insight. By aggregating customer communication events from omnichannel data streams, Core Experience Insights provides marketing leaders full visibility over their customer’s journey – from website interactions to email engagement, social media content and call center performance.

These new applications join a growing list of Core applications, including the recently announced OpenText™ Core Capture, OpenText™ Core Share, and OpenText™ Core Signature. Several core applications are available supporting SAP and you can find out more about them in the OT2 for SAP solutions launch blog 

New features in OT2 applications

OpenText Core Signature

The latest release of OpenText Core Signature automates signature and approval workflows across digital businesses. Core Signature brings electronic signature into the OpenText platform, improving information governance, document controls and reducing information sprawl.

OpenText Core Share

In this release, OpenText Core Share delivers improved security with virus scanning of uploads, and increased productivity with the addition of Active Directory (AD) Sync and unlimited group sizes.

OpenText Core Capture

The release of 19.4 brings several automated features into OpenText Core Capture to streamline the process, including the auto-extract of tables and a simple red/green highlight system that warns users when there may be errors or a missing value.

OpenText Core for Supplier Exchange

The release of 19.4 streamlines the distribution, review and approval of transmittals and deliverables between customers and suppliers, vendors and clients in OpenText Core for Supplier Exchange. This release adds granularity of permissions, scoping and federation to better enable the development of end-user experiences that remain consistent across multiple applications. It also provides deeper hybrid and cloud-to-cloud integrations with leading applications, such as SAP, Salesforce, OpenText Content Suite Platform and OpenText Documentum to improve end-to-end collaboration.

OpenText Core for SAP SuccessFactors

OpenText Core for SAP SuccessFactors 19.4 includes an intuitive new UI View, multi-lingual support and retention management/records management capabilities to support GDRP, CCPA and other HR compliance standards.

Learn More

Visit our website to learn more about our Core applications built on the OT2 platform.

Accelerate your upgrade and reduce risk by working with OpenText Professional Services. Customers who have Professional Services-led upgrades report 75% fewer queries to Customer Support. Let our experts work with you to assess the current environment and prepare recommendations for a successful upgrade, whether on-premises, in the OpenText Cloud, in other company’s clouds or in a hybrid environment.

[1] Medium, SaaS Trends To Watch Out for in 2019. July, 2019

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