Announcing OpenText Developer Experience Suite for TeamSite 8

Things have been busy for us in Professional Services during our transition from HP to OpenText, but that hasn’t stopped us from innovating inside our…

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August 11, 20162 minutes read

Developer Experience Suite

Things have been busy for us in Professional Services during our transition from HP to OpenText, but that hasn’t stopped us from innovating inside our Center of Exellence (COE).

The Professional Services (ProServ) team has been involved with customer transitions to TeamSite 8, with its new slick Experience Studio interface, proving to be a delight for both the casual contributor and marketeer! We’re also working with developers and site administrators who require a deep, sophisticated feature-set around content and asset management/development.

After years in the field listening to feedback from power users and developers, with the advent of a new modernized UI framework, we are able to deliver to all in our ProServ Package solution – Developer Experience Suite.

Some features and benefits include:

  • Timelines Manager: A dashboard that allows to you create different timelines from published content. This allows developers and authors to work and visualize the site for multiple, cascading release cycles, without affecting business-as-usual publishing.


  • Content Explorer: A power user interface (modernized CCPro) content repository browser with a familiar Windows Explorer feel with support for modern file management features from traditional browsing to full-text search.


  • Integrated Express IDE: Language detection, syntax highlighting, direct editing of any development resource files or properties while eliminating needless downloads and uploads. Visual and source “diff” support for up to 3-way merges.


  • Components Update Manager: Allows for quick reporting on eStudio components, templates and placeholders that need updating and provides a powerful UI to manage and cascade bulk modifications to pages and templates.


If your enterprise wants to harness the full potential of TeamSite and exceed your CEM expectations please contact me or your solution services representative.

Stay tuned for even more product innovations from the labs of our ProServ team!

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