Accelerate your cloud migration to OpenText Core Archive for SAP Solutions

OpenText™ Archive Center has been the cornerstone of on-premises enterprise information management (EIM) deployments for SAP solutions since the late 1990s. While these systems offer great business value, they can be complex and costly to run and maintain, requiring specialized knowledge and upgrades every three years. Moving to the cloud and a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model can reduce costs (including operational costs, service fees and maintenance) and shift the burden away from internal IT resources. It also delivers benefits like system security, regular software updates and operational agility.

Yes, it can be daunting to think about moving massive amounts of data to the cloud. And it’s essential to have a team of experienced and qualified experts following best practices to ensure a successful migration. This provides:

  • Faster implementation time
  • Reduced administration resource consumption
  • Lower risk
  • Validated migration approach
  • Maximum adoption

OpenText™ Core Archive for SAP Solutions offers the solution. It’s OpenText’s public cloud archiving solution for SAP data (structured) and documents (unstructured) based on SAP ArchiveLink and SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).

OpenText™ Professional Services offers two FasTrak Implementation Packaged Services to accelerate the journey to the OpenText Cloud with Core Archive for new and existing customers of OpenText Archiving and Document Access for SAP. These services enable archiving to start in less than 20 days while providing cost savings:

  • Core Archive Onboarding FasTrak—This includes an OpenText Cloud Readiness workshop, a technical architecture specification, installation of Core Archive Connector the configuration of the SAP ArchiveLink and SAP ILM connections, re-configuration of clients like OpenText Viewers and Enterprise Scan, and support to run tests
  • Core Archive Migration FasTrak—This includes a migration readiness workshop, preparation of the migration with the configuration of the cloud filter on the existing on-premises Archive Center system, the export, shipment and import of customer data, and the cutover and final completeness check of migration.
Concurrent operation of on-premises Archive Center with cloud-based Core Archive during migration phase

Your organization can benefit from the extensive expertise and experience that the OpenText Professional Services team provides for extending SAP solutions. The team can also provide a full migration service for third-party archive systems using migration approach and technology that has been proven in many migration projects over the last two decades. Please contact us to learn more.

Authors: Paul Pineda and Roland Meier, Professional Services

OpenText Professional Services

OpenText Professional Services offers the largest pool of OpenText EIM product and solution certified experts in the world. They bring market-leading field experience, knowledge, and innovative creativity from experience spanning more than 25 years and over 40,000 engagements.

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