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5 reasons to get involved with OpenText customer engagement programs

At OpenText, we strive to develop innovative information management solutions that help you achieve your business goals. In order to do this, we know we must understand your business, embrace a shared vision of the future and stay one step ahead of your requirements. That’s why we partner with our customers for the long haul – so we can deliver features and functions that help you today and into the future.

One way we do that is through the OpenText customer engagement programs. From executive advisory boards to product advisory councils and user groups, these programs encourage interaction with peers and with us, give you an opportunity to influence product directions, educate you about trends and technologies and offer new ways to think about how to be successful at work.

Topics covered in our programs are always timely. For example, conversations can range from the benefits of interconnected clouds to getting the most out of AI, and from the need for simplified security to how to be innovative and sustainable at the same time. As leaders in information management, we want to engage you in discussions about how you can prevent information overload and stay ahead of your competition.

What’s in it for you?

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider joining an OpenText customer engagement program today:

  • Have strategic influence: OpenText wants your input to help us shape our strategic direction and decision making, so we can stay ahead of your needs.
  • Gain early access: Find out which new product features and capabilities we are planning prior to public release so you can influence development and timelines.
  • Talk to leadership and experts: Our subject matter experts and executives want to connect with you to share ideas and gain a better understanding of your business and technology challenges.
  • Network with peers: Sometimes the best way to solve a challenge is to talk with someone who’s been there. Our programs give you an opportunity to connect with peers to exchange knowledge, ideas and best practices.
  • Keep up with the industry: Staycurrent with industry trends and insights to enhance your professional expertise and value.

Programs range in size from 6 to 20 people, convene multiple times a year (in person, online or both) and information shared is confidential. Membership terms last for 12 or 24 months.

“As a member of the Product Advisory Council, our input and feedback has been well received,” said Jennifer Raml, manager of information systems at Acuity, a Mutual Insurance Co. “I feel like we are directly shaping the product’s development, resulting in a solution that continues to evolve to meet our needs. This unique opportunity to collaborate closely with the team has been instrumental in driving innovation and enhancing the overall user experience.”

Something for everyone

OpenText offers a number of different ways to get involved:

  • Executive Advisory Boards – C-Suite executives provide high-level guidance, shape the strategic direction of OpenText and discuss market trends.
  • Customer Advisory Boards -Decision makers from diverse industries provide feedback, insights and strategic guidance on OpenText offerings and customer experience. We run these boards for our Content, Application Delivery Management, IT Operations, Business Network and Experience products.
  • Product Advisory Councils -Customers provide feedback, input and insights on OpenText products, suggest new features and participate in early product testing. Our councils cover product areas including Application Delivery Management, Business Network, Content, Solutions & Alliances, Ecosystem, Experience, IT Operations, LegalTech and Analytics & AI.
  • User Groups – Customers come together to network, share best practices and discuss their experiences using OpenText solutions. See our full list of user groups here.

Learn more about our customer engagement programs or drop us an email to ask a question.

Mihaela Lucaci

Mihaela is the Director of Customer Engagement Programs at OpenText, overseeing programs such as Executive Advisory Boards, Customer Advisory Boards, Product Advisory Councils and User Groups across the company’s multiple business units. She joined the company in 2016 and has held various positions from leading product launches to introducing agile marketing at OpenText. When not immersed in the world of customer engagement, Mihaela can be found travelling, dancing, or volunteering.

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