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The Future is Now: Learn how Analytics and AI are changing EVERYTHING at OpenText World 2023 

It can’t be overstated – AI and analytics will change everything. Welcome to a future of Generative AI and real-time analytics – delivered today. With current product offerings like OpenTextTM IDOLTM, OpenTextTM VerticaTM, and OpenTextTM MagellanTM and new product innovations on the horizon, OpenText AI Cloud is the foundation underpinning OpenText AI-led innovations. 

As showcased in eight dedicated sessions at OpenText World 2023, OpenText has implemented Generative AI and analytics into all core product lines with a polymodel approach to supporting the Large Language Model (LLM) that best meets your business objectives. Learn how OpenText AI Cloud can empower your organization to monetize your data for making informed decisions, predicting and act on what’s next, and automating business processes – all while managing risks and costs.

At OpenText™ World 2023 in Las Vegas, we’re focusing on Analytics and AI, designed to enable data-driven organizations to transform all data quickly and automatically into instant strategic insights.  

  • Hear from Rita Jackson, SVP of Product Marketing, in the BU keynote. 
  • See it in action! Sign up for the Innovation Lab to gain first-hand experience with our risk assessment application. 
  • Join the product lab to learn about OpenText Magellan, including text-mining, embedded dashboards, and predictive modeling. 
  • Talk one-on-one with leading analytics and AI experts. This is a chance to get your questions answered and hear from the experts!  

Here’s a snapshot of what else you can expect: 

The future of Analytics & AI

Even if you don’t consider your company a technology company today, you probably will very soon. Every company’s path to success will rely on how quickly they can unlock and apply the value of their organizations’ most strategic asset – data. But how do you transform your company to realize that value? By adopting the largest technology megatrend of our lifetimes – analytics and AI. Whether you need a grounding in Large Language Models, Neural Networks, and Natural Language Processing, or how data scientists develop predictive customer churn models, this is the track for you. Join us – data enthusiasts, data analysts, data engineers, analytics leaders – and learn how to apply analytics, BI, AI, and machine learning to your vast volumes of data to anticipate the future and make the most intelligent decisions to improve your bottom line. 

AA00 and Aviator Platform: Begin your AI journey today with OpenText AI platforms

It can’t be overstated – AI and analytics will change everything. The productivity gains and overall benefits will stretch our imaginations, but how do you move from science project to infusing analytics and AI into every product and service that you offer from this day forward? It all starts with your most strategic asset – data. Join us for this keynote session to learn how OpenText AI Cloud can empower your organization to monetize your data and make informed decisions, predict and act on what’s next, and automate business processes – all while managing risks and costs.  Sound too good to be true? Hear how OpenText has implemented Generative AI and analytics into all core product lines with a polymodel approach to supporting the Large Language Model that best meets your business objectives. You’ll also learn why leading-edge customers across every industry are embedding OpenText analytics and AI into their applications to get to market faster with more competitive and differentiating solutions that enable their customers to capitalize on whatever opportunity comes next in this evolving and exciting era. Search for and add it to your agenda here. 

AA03  An AI love story:  When IDOL met Large Language Models  

Together, advanced language models and Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) are ready to revolutionize the world of Artificial Intelligence. Join us for this session that delves into the fascinating synergy between IDOL and Large Language Models (LLMs). We’ll bridge the gap between traditional data management and the revolutionary world of LLMs, which are opening up a universe of possibilities for intelligent decision-making, personalized experiences, and groundbreaking AI solutions. Discover how IDOL’s context-aware data enrichment empowers Large Language Models to extract deeper meaning and context from unstructured data, amplifying their capabilities in ways never seen before. Search for and add it to your agenda here. 

Connect with OpenText and customer experts

Get your questions answered. We will be hosting several interactive and engaging sessions designed to help you get the information you need in the format you prefer: 

  • Learn how to apply the latest information management and AI trends from industry thought leaders, luminary guest speakers, and OpenText experts and start to work smarter right away. 
  • Set up a one-to-one meeting to dive into your unique use case or join one of the scheduled meet ups with other customers and OpenText designers, developers, marketers, and leaders. Discuss how to get more out of your investments and increase your information advantage. 
  • Meet with peers in your industry to exchange successful strategies. Industry roundtables are specialized and interactive discussions in which industry experts present challenges, trends, and innovations in the sector, and customer and industry analyst speakers will add their insights as well.  
  • Sign up for some hands-on labs: (choose one or all three): the Developer Lab, the Product Lab; and the Innovation Lab. It’s your opportunity to check out the latest OpenText innovations—including OpenText Aviator solutions. 
  • Join our dynamic Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) to discuss business strategies and customer experiences, drive innovations that meet your unique needs in our Product Advisory Councils (PACs), and connect to learn about best practices and use cases in our User Groups.
  • And take advantage of being surrounded by people who go through the same challenges you do, and network, network, network!  

Join us at OpenText World 2023 

Explore the future of Analytics & AI at the ultimate information management conference. Join us October 11-12 at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas and connect with today’s leading experts.  

Jeff Healey

As Vice President of Product Marketing, Analytics and AI, OpenText, Jeff leads product marketing for the Analytics and AI product group, which spans structured and unstructured analytics, data discovery, legal technology, OEM, developer, and APIs. With more than 25 years of high-tech marketing experience and deep knowledge of product marketing go-to-market planning and execution, Jeff comes to OpenText via the Micro Focus acquisition, where he was VP of Marketing for the Vertica product group. Previously, he led product marketing for Axeda Corporation (now PTC), the leading Internet of Things platform with millions of connected assets under management. Prior to Axeda, Jeff held product marketing, customer success, and lead editorial roles at MathWorks, Macromedia (now Adobe), Sybase (now SAP), and The Boston Globe.

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