Smarter with OpenText: The information advantage at work

Every day at OpenText we elevate people to achieve superhuman impact by working smarter and making information their superpower. Our customers face a relentless digital landscape with overwhelming depths of data – we provide the information advantage that enables better results faster and gives them a competitive advantage.

We help our customers do this by bringing information and intelligent automation together securely in the cloud.

The Challenge

Every good superhero story includes a moment of conflict where the hero battles the archnemesis, ultimately defeating them and saving the day. To determine what battles our customers routinely face, we sponsored a CIO MarketPulse report: Information management and integration challenges. The results paint a clear picture – IT leaders face steep challenges and significant opportunities going forward as they embrace the strategic importance of data. 

Nearly all the IT leaders surveyed said their information management goals are very important to the success of their technology strategy, but more than 70% struggle to meet them. Specific challenges include storing and accessing customer data securely, personalizing customer experiences, and meeting customer experience expectations. 

Additional findings from the report include:

  • Even though paper documents are a vital part of myriad organizational tasks, just 15% of the survey respondents have fully automated the digitization of printed documents and the extraction of data from them. In fact, data extraction is completely manual for 58% of the companies represented in the survey.
  • Business disruption due to integration issues is a bigger problem for larger organizations than for smaller ones.

This is where OpenText can help. Our customers go to sleep at night knowing they have the information advantage. Our CMO, Sandy Ono, sat down with to discuss how we break down barriers that stop organizations from working smarter. She shared that dismantling business application and data silos is a key step to improving information management and integration. These improvements deliver the information advantage, which helps organizations become intelligent, connected, secure, responsible, and scalable. 

“Digital has fueled the need for total enterprise reinvention. The information advantage is what we believe all companies need to strive for to win beyond just having process advantage.”

 – Sandy Ono, Chief Marketing Officer

Saving the Day Through Superhuman Impact

So, what does superhuman impact look like in action? From improving healthcare quality for cancer patients to helping investigators quickly find child exploitation evidence, our customers are saving the day. Take a look at the video below to see how Alberta ICE prosecutes offenders and closes cases faster with OpenText.

Organizations need solutions that help them focus on the bigger picture. OpenText knows that using information management tools to work smarter gets you better results faster so you can have greater impact. In other words, we handle the ordinary so you can be extraordinary.

Want to read more about the challenges organizations are facing and how OpenText is helping to solve them?  Download the whitepaper here and read CMO Sandy Ono’s interview here.

Want a deeper dive on how our customers work smarter with OpenText? Discover more here.

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