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Without reliable pump technology, breweries and bakeries spoil, water and energy providers power down, and even paint manufacturers dry up.

These industries, along with many others, demand consistent and compliant flow of materials for production and profit. Many enterprises turn to SEEPEX, a worldwide specialist in pump technology, to keep business flowing. SEEPEX relies on OpenText content solutions to ensure information is primed and ready.

Founded in 1972, SEEPEX employs 800 professionals across its headquarters in Germany and overseas locations. In its commitment to client optimization, productivity and cost efficiency, SEEPEX generates a high volume of content. Previously, disparate document stores churned out incomplete histories, duplicates and inefficient exchange.

Working with its solutions provider, Doctra, SEEPEX extended its use of OpenText™ Content Suite to create a single, enterprise-wide information source.

“Content would be available from anywhere to help us meet our goals to deliver…faster processing speeds, agility, reduced costs and compliance,” said Roland Rottländer, Data Processing Manager at SEEPEX.

Adding OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions, all SEEPEX employees maintain direct and immediate access to the latest relevant documents, supporting quality and reliability for clients throughout the lifecycle of critical pump systems.

“Even years later, we have very quick access to the component documentation and also drawings,” Rottländer noted. “This enables us to provide great customer service, minimizing any interruptions to their business.”

Without interruption, all things flow for SEEPEX clients and their consumers, fueling everyday living for millions across the globe. To learn more about how SEEPEX combined silos of information to improve service, read the full story here.

OpenText Content Cloud Team

The OpenText Content Cloud offers a broad and deep suite of content management products, providing end-to-end solutions that help organizations maximize the value and minimize the risk of their information. OpenText Content Services platforms and applications support diverse business and industry needs through extensive integration capabilities, full lifecycle management and intelligent automation.

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