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Optimize success and minimize risk on engineering implementations

FasTrak Prototype services for Extended ECM for Engineering

Anyone who has ever been involved in a large-scale IT program knows just how hard change is. The sad truth is that most large-scale programs don’t meet expectations. Forbes suggests that as many as 70% of change programs fail. Likewise, McKinsey has found that only 16% of companies say that their digital transformations have been successful in improving performance and equipping them for change in the future.

Put simply, change is hard. Even when you’re assured of the business benefits and the capabilities of your chosen technology solution to deliver, there’s always a question of whether the change program you put in place will meet your expectations.

But the benefits of a successful operational excellence program can be incredibly impressive. In the Oil and Gas industry, for example, EY estimates that it can lead to a 29% rise in oil and gas production, reduce costs by 43% and deliver savings of $30 billion over five years. The key to achieving those results is the ability to effectively harness your engineering information.

Implementation challenges

Getting the most from new and existing assets has never been so important where profits and revenue are increasingly harder to generate. The latest generation of enterprise information management solutions gives you greater control over your engineering content to help transform your engineering and maintenance operations. The ability to reduce implementation risks and gain maximum value from the content and data you possess is mission-critical. This is especially true within engineering and maintenance where downtime can cost many millions of dollars.

When implementing a new system, it’s sensible to start small and begin by creating an initial pilot project to test the system and user acceptance in a highly controlled environment. However, it’s often not possible to scale your pilot when moving into production. You may have to start again to build the production system, which increases time, cost and the risk of failure.

To overcome these challenges, OpenText™ Professional Services has created a new, rapid prototyping service to take the risk from implementation while easing the transition from prototype to full production.

Extended ECM for Engineering: A new approach to prototyping

OpenText has introduced its FasTrak Prototype service that lets you develop a Proof of Concept prior to purchasing or installing the system. The FasTrak Prototype service is designed for any company planning an initiation and investigation project to establish the scope and high-level design of an OpenText™ Extended ECM for Engineering project. Working with OpenText engineering specialists, you have access to pre-configured prototype systems that can be adapted to your specific requirements.

OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering covers the complete lifecycle of an asset

Without installing the system or purchasing licenses, you can identify how your organization can benefit from this solution. We’ll work with you to build a Proof of Concept based on best practice configurations, giving you hands-on experience of the xECM solution before you decide how best the system can help your engineering processes.

The service has been designed for quick deployment and rapid scale-up for engineering organizations and Owner/Operators of large facilities. It delivers a proven approach for you to deriving maximum value in both your EPC and plant maintenance operations.

Importantly, the service has been designed to ensure that the final prototype can be easily adapted for the implementation program.

If you’d like to know more about Extended ECM for Engineering, FasTrak or our prototyping service, please contact us.

Jens Friehmelt

Jens is Senior Manager in OpenText Professional Services EMEA leading an international team which combines multiple OpenText technologies to serve customers with best practice solutions for the Engineering, Construction and Maintenance processes. His focus is on engineering document management in capital projects as well as maintenance and as-built documentation.

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