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OpenText EnCase wins 10th Consecutive SC Magazine Award for Best Computer Forensic Solution

Announced at RSA 2020, the win caps a decade of excellence for OpenText EnCase forensic solutions

In February at RSA 2020, SC Magazine named OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Investigator, OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic, and OpenText™ EnCase™ Mobile Investigator as the Best Computer Forensic Solutions for the 10th year in a row.

For the last decade, the experts at SC Magazine have recognized that no other solutions offer the same level of forensic capabilities and flexibility. Since 1997, EnCase forensic solutions have been built with the investigator in mind to ensure a fast, efficient, repeatable and forensically sound investigative process.

As technology evolves, so do the challenges of digital forensic investigation. OpenText EnCase continues to innovate to support investigators who must cover all devices, operating systems, and reach all data.

Our strategy continues to be a relentless focus on what your investigators do best: Find evidence and close cases. EnCase provides:

  • Reliable evidence gathering: EnCase collects and stores all evidence in the court-accepted formats, giving the investigator complete confidence in the data
  • Deep forensic analysis: With root-level visibility, EnCase empowers investigators to uncover evidence that may go unnoticed if analyzed with other solutions
  • Broad Device, Operating System and Decryption Support: EnCase has the broadest support for different devices, operating systems, and encryption types. OpenText Tableau digital forensic hardware extends investigators ability to easily and securely acquire data
  • Easy reporting: Cases may often rest on the ability of forensic investigators to create clear, concise and compelling reports. EnCase provides customizable templates to help investigators deliver better results more quickly

In addition to Forensic hardware and software, OpenText EnCase offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive professional training programs.

For more information on digital forensic solutions from OpenText, visit our website.

More about the SC Magazine awards

The SC Awards are recognized throughout the cybersecurity industry and are the crowning achievement for IT security professionals and products. Each year, hundreds of applications are reviewed and narrowed down to a select group of finalists that represent the best solutions, services and professionals working around the clock to protect today’s businesses from an ever-changing landscape of security threats. For more information and a detailed list of categories and winners, please read the article.

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To learn more about digital forensic solutions from OpenText, you can watch a demo here. To learn more about EnCase Mobile Investigator, visit our website.

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Hope Swancy-Haslam

Hope Swancy-Haslam, CSPO, CEDS is the senior director of product marketing for OpenText’s Security & Forensics business unit and is responsible for the oversight/management of product marketing for the OT EnCase and Tableau product lines. Prior to joining OpenText, Hope was Vice-President at Stroz Friedberg and supervised the eDiscovery service line’s product management efforts. Throughout her career, Ms. Swancy-Haslam has enjoyed staying on top of technology trends for the legal, IT and governance communities and particularly the products and services in the eDiscovery, analytics, and security/forensics realms. She has created many advisory pieces, panels, and presentations on best-practices and enjoys staying sharp on these topics through her work with these professional communities. Ms. Swancy-Haslam received her B.A. from Baylor University and her law degree from Mississippi College. She is a member of the Sedona Conference, Working Groups 1 & 6, Duke’s TAR and EDRM Groups, and has been a General Advocate of The Texas General Counsel Forum, since 2000.

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