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Q&A with Savinay Berry, OpenText SVP Cloud Service Delivery

Over the last few weeks OpenText has been hosting a global series of 24 Cloud Summits, meeting with customers to discuss best practices and the latest trends in cloud computing and delivery from Industry leading experts. We recently sat down with Savinay Berry, SVP Cloud Service Delivery to chat about the summits and learn why the OpenText Cloud is the destination for innovation.

What did you most enjoy from the Cloud Summits?

Connecting with our customers and talking to them about their journey to the cloud. Every organization has a cloud pattern that works for them, and the Cloud Summits were a great place to learn how to map your path to the cloud. Whether this happened in an informal discussion or during cloud assessment meetings, it was awesome to sit with customers and help them go beyond a simple lift-and-shift to the cloud to discovering the right cloud approach for their particular organization.

What did customers learn at the Cloud Summit?

The OpenText Cloud Summits helped OpenText to create a partnership with our customers, and to help them along their cloud journey. Attendees learned how to migrate their workloads to the cloud and modernize their existing business use cases in order to innovate and drive business success.

At each summit, we had industry analysts and business leaders who shared the story of their specific cloud journeys, and how they shortened their time to value with the cloud.

And finally, attendees gained a greater understanding of how to develop a cloud strategy that drives efficiencies and cost optimization – in other words, how to get better total cost of ownership from your cloud solutions.

What are some of the biggest industry trends in cloud computing today?

Three of the biggest trends we focused on were information sprawl, security, and discovering your cloud pattern.

  1. Information Sprawl: Information sprawl is an important concept that we’re seeing this across the board. Over the last 10+ years, SaaS applications have become popular. But when you combine 25-30 SaaS applications with custom-built applications, shared drives or network drives, suddenly, all your information is stored in different places. This means that one record could be stored in several places. Say you need to retrieve that information for a compliance or audit requirement—how do you map all those different documents that are in different places?
  2. Security: For many of our customers, security is one of the most difficult things to grapple with. Customers considering cloud adoption want to know that their information is safe, no matter what pattern of cloud adoption they choose. At the Cloud Summits, we talked about how we keep our customers and their information safe and provide visibility into everything that’s happening across your workforce and across your devices.
  3. Cloud pattern: But perhaps the biggest question we heard was which pattern of cloud adoption is right for you. When organizations are moving to the cloud, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all pattern of cloud adoption. In fact, OpenText sees five patterns of cloud adoption: off-cloud, public cloud, private cloud, managed services solutions, and SaaS solutions. But how do you know which pattern to pick?

There are still a few Cloud Summits to go from now until January 29, 2020 – take a look here to find the location nearest to you. If you missed your nearest summit, you can learn more about cloud adoption here or contact us for more information.


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