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EnCase training by OpenText

The landscape of digital forensic investigations is continually evolving. Skilled investigators are in high demand and organizations need to ensure their investigative staff are properly trained with the latest tools, techniques and best practices.

That’s why OpenText™ offers a training program that fits the needs of any investigator. Whether you’re just beginning your career or are a skilled veteran, our various world-class training and certification options will help you develop both the technical know-how and the creative vision required to complete challenging investigations.

Unlock the potential of your team and help your investigators master this complex and evolving field with one of our training or certification programs.

EnCase training programs for digital forensics

Corporations and government agencies all over the world use OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic software to conduct digital forensic investigations. To help you get the most of your Encase solutions, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of courses, including:

  • Foundations in Digital Forensics with EnCase™
  • Building an Investigation with EnCase™
  • Mobile Device Examinations with EnCase™
  • Advanced Analysis of Windows Artifacts with EnCase™
  • NTFS Examinations with EnCase™
  • Internet based Examinations with EnCase™

Find out more about our course offerings and review our course calendar here.

EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE) certification program

For investigators looking to take their career to the next level, OpenText offers the EnCase™ Certified Examiner Certification Program (EnCE). The EnCE is recognized by both the law enforcement and corporate communities as a symbol of in-depth computer forensics knowledge. This program certifies both public and private sector professionals in the use of OpenText EnCase computer forensic software and acknowledges that professionals have mastered computer investigation methodology as well as the use of EnCase software during complex computer examinations.

Find out more information about the certification program here.

Learning Services options for EnCase training

With OpenText Learning Services, you have a number of options to best suit your learning needs. Learning options include:

  • Virtual class – Virtual class brings the live classroom experience on a screen near you. Led by real world digital investigators, more than 80,000 students have been trained from our live online classrooms.
  • On-demand class – The OpenText on-demand subscription training allows you to learn at your own pace on your preferred device, view content online or offline, search across course guides and learn through lab exercises.
  • On-site instructor led class – An option to choose if your corporation does not have the training lab or travel budget. OpenText will bring the necessary equipment and materials to your site and our instructor will conduct the course.
  • Training Partners – Train in one of our state-of-the-art facilities, at one of our Authorized Training Partners throughout the world.

For organizations or agencies with significant training needs, annual training passports are available. Annual training passports cover unlimited EnCase classroom courses at OpenText training facilities. Passports also cover unlimited EnCase Training OnDemand courses and unlimited EnCase vClasses. Passports are not accepted at Authorized Training Partner locations or for onsite or private training classes.

Learn more about training packages here.

Our instructors

OpenText instructors are very knowledgeable, dedicated and engaging, and can help resolve issues that you are facing at work. OpenText instructors have several years or decades of experience, and have received outstanding customer satisfaction ratings from students.

If you’re ready to accelerate your career in the digital forensics field, or for more information, check out our Learning Services website.


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