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The last two years has seen significant upheaval across nearly all global supply chains, from restructuring the physical supply chain to accelerating digital transformation initiatives…

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March 1, 20225 minute read

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The last two years has seen significant upheaval across nearly all global supply chains, from restructuring the physical supply chain to accelerating digital transformation initiatives that support them. We have seen no end of supply chain disruptions over the past two years and companies are having to quickly adapt to survive to remain competitive in the market.  Building resilience to future business disruptions is a boardroom topic being discussed around the world at the moment. 

Last September we hosted our first ConneXions event in North America, a dedicated event for supply chain leaders and CIOs to learn from their peers about how they are tackling the move to more resilient cloud integration solutions.  Due to the success of this event we are running a similar event for European Companies on 8th March, you can register here

ConneXions EMEA, the integration summit, brings together industry thought leaders to discuss how they are embracing cloud integration and how it is underpinning their digital transformation strategies moving forwards. COVID-19 has often been regarded as a ‘black swan’ event, forcing CIOs to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives such as moving business applications to the cloud. Cloud technologies bring greater flexibility to business operations, information can be accessed securely from anywhere in the world. Cloud based integration is key to building increased resilience to future business disruptions and this is the theme of ConneXions EMEA. 

Here at OpenText™ Business Network we provide a cloud integration platform called Trading Grid™ that helps companies connect people, systems and things, so only appropriate that we should name our event ConneXions to help foster greater collaboration with companies looking for support with their integration projects. 

ConneXions is being hosted by IDG and produced by The three-hour virtual event includes an opening keynote from IDC who will be talking about the importance of digital resilience. We have some great speakers including PWC, Bayer AG, Shell, Henkel, Mastercard, Michelin, and Cranfield University. 

If you would like to register for the event then please visit our dedicated website. Here is a very brief summary of the sessions that we will be hosting at our ConneXions event which will be running on 8th March 2022. 

  • Rethinking Supply Chains in a post pandemic world – IDC explores how companies can build increased ‘digital resilience’ to future business disruptions and looks at how connecting to a cloud-based business network can provide greater flexibility, agility and scale to meet the challenges of today’s business environment. 
  • Embracing European e-Invoicing mandates, insights from PWC – Companies struggle to embrace complex electronic invoicing regulations across Europe. With more governments mandating the use of e-Invoicing, what can companies do to ensure compliance? PwC will provide an overview of the latest and upcoming invoicing regulations and will explain why digitizing all invoices was crucial for their business 
  • Panel: Ensuring digital resilience against future supply chain disruptions – Disruption is all around us and is part of the new normal in today’s business world. But how have companies been impacted?, what best practices are out there to minimize this? and what can companies do to be better prepared? This live discussion panel will aim to find the answers to these questions and more from our line-up of distinguished panellists 
  • How does cloud integration support ERP projects at Bayer AG – Many companies today are embarking on ERP led digital transformation initiatives. Whether consolidating on to a single ERP instance, migrating to a new ERP vendor or upgrading to a new version of ERP, companies will need to rethink their integration strategy. This session will discuss how an outsourced approach to ERP integration can significantly reduce ERP implementation timescales and the benefits achieved by integrating to ERP 
  • Empowering any size company to adopt cloud integration – how Shell is digitising their supply chain – The COVID-19 pandemic was a wake-up call for today’s businesses and highlighted a need to accelerate their move to the cloud. Both SMB and Enterprise companies need to consider cloud integration but where do they start?. This session explains how new self-service integration tools combined with a tiered packaging approach help any size company digitize their supply chain operations. We will hear about the benefits that can be realised by working with a trusted integration partner 
  • Business Network 2025 – What’s next for business integration at Henkel – The underlying technology powering today’s global business networks has been around since the late 1960s. In recent years a number of disruptive technologies have entered the market so how can companies best leverage these technologies across their business network. In this session you will hear from Henkel on how they plan to evolve their integration environment and what disruptive technologies are likely to impact their business in the coming years. 

The supply chain line of business has become an increasingly important topic of conversation in boardrooms around the world in recent months and will continue to do so until companies build more resilience into their business operations. It starts with the IT infrastructure, ensuring that information can seamlessly flow around the organization, shipments can be tracked in real time around the world and insights can be derived to monitor supply chain performance. We are excited to be able to host this event with such distinguished speakers and we hope that you will be able to join this virtual event on 8th March 2022. For more details on our speakers, sessions and information on how to register, please visit our dedicated landing page. 

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