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IDEA powers the electrical industry with OpenText Alloy

IDEA (Industry Data Exchange Association) was established by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association and the National Association of Electrical Distributors in 1998 to provide manufacturers and distributors with the latest tools and technology to manage their operations effectively.

To meet their objectives, IDEA needed new technology to support IDEA Exchange, the organization’s electronic data interchange (EDI) solution, which enables its customers to quickly and securely exchange electronic business documents such as purchase orders and invoices with their suppliers and customers. This computer-to-computer exchange of documents is critical to business success, improving efficiency and driving down costs. IDEA also offers a managed services option for organizations wishing to outsource their EDI solution in order to save on software, hardware, maintenance, and support costs.

Bringing to life this vision for its customers would be no small feat—IDEA needed a partner with the technology to meet its data management requirements. After careful deliberation, IDEA selected OpenText™ Alloy™ to help deliver its data exchange solution.

By deploying the OpenText Alloy platform, IDEA has the technology it needs to grow its managed services offering with advanced mapping abilities, standardized file requirements, global support, and industry expertise. IDEA can now partner in its customers’ success by delivering the technology, expert resources, and peace of mind they need to strengthen their partner relationships and provide better service.

“Customers are extremely happy with the service. Their support needs are being handled within hours. If there’s ever a support issue, the OpenText Alloy support team is on it, 24/7. Sometimes customers don’t even know about issues because they are fixed instantly.”
– Tom Guzik, Director of Digital Integration Services at IDEA

To learn more about how IDEA uses OpenText Alloy to enable efficient, secure, and compliant digital data exchange with a cost-effective managed services approach, check out the video and success story here.

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