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How to optimize HR’s effectiveness

The right project strategy is key

Improving efficiency is top of mind for many organizations today. Companies that haven’t yet digitized their HR business processes are missing out on the many benefits of enterprise content management—increased efficiency and reduced costs in particular. There’s another incentive for adoption as well: legal requirements could result in severe fines for non-compliance.

For companies considering a change, the challenges depend on their requirements in terms of complexity, as well as on the variety of processes needed. It’s possible to manage these challenges through a suitable project strategy with an ECM solution. Succeeding at this means choosing a good approach and avoiding common mistakes during implementation. Let’s look at these strategies in more detail below.


Appropriate planning helps set the course for project success. One key is to set up a project team that properly addresses responsibilities for various aspects. It’s important to include contacts from the involved departments at an early stage of the project and make sure that they contribute. Pay particular attention to defining rules on access rights—for example, if you’re working with a works council, be sure to involve them early.

When integrating the leading HR master system in SAP SuccessFactors, there is also a direct correlation between project tasks and maturity of the process. This must be considered during project planning.


If you’re implementing a new HR system in a complex requirements matrix, it makes sense to start in a structured manner. This means first creating a pilot project to map the core requirements. For this, we recommend using OpenText xECM FasTrak, which introduces leading practices based on existing customer projects. This approach establishes a baseline configuration for functions that can be adjusted and extended. It also strategically supports special requirements such as hybrid workspaces, third-party integration or international rollouts.

The FasTrak service provides a proven and flexible implementation methodology to create maximum value for HR. It is designed to help companies determine the scope and high-level design of an OpenText™ Extended ECM for HR project. Working with OpenText xECM specialists, you’ll have access to a methodical approach and a proven out-of-the-box configuration to help you build the foundation for implementing a customer-specific solution.

OpenText Professional Services has years of experience in implementing HR solutions and helping with user adoption strategies. This kind of experience is critical for establishing a successful solution that employees will embrace.

OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® SuccessFactors® increases HR department effectiveness through a 360-degree employee record with compliant document management, document creation and elaborated Records Management. To learn more about Extended ECM for SuccessFactors, FasTrak or our other services, please contact us.

Author: Helmut Heimerl, Professional Services Consulting

Professional Services - SAP/Ecosystem

The Professional Services SAP/Ecosystem team consists of capture and document management, and SAP integration experts with more than 20 years of experience in implementing solutions. The team is fully certified and operates on a global basis, delivering process optimization using implementation best practices across all sizes of projects including large-scale multi-country deployments for global organizations.

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