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Discover how to make the world a safer, more secure place at OpenText World 2022

Tackle today's cyber threats in the Security Cloud track and Enfuse at OpenText World

Today’s security threats pose many challenges for organizations. Ransomware has evolved, phishing is all too common, and law enforcement agencies have enormous backlogs of crimes requiring investigations. As we continue to transform and recover from the pandemic, security teams must adapt to an ever-expanding threat landscape.

With programming specifically aligned to the OpenText™ Security Cloud, Enfuse at OpenText™ World 2022 brings together the people and technology dedicated to digital investigations and information security to make the world a safer, more secure place. Attendees in the Security Cloud track will dive into the latest digital forensics and information security trends with track topics covering digital investigations and incident response, threat detection and response, discovery and ransomware, and more.

Digital Forensic and Incident Response (DFIR)

Incident response teams need to be able to quickly identify the intrusion source, all impacted systems, and the root cause, and preserve all evidence. Incident response workflows are critical to ensuring teams minimize potential damage and prevent a data breach. In the DFIR sessions, learn how OpenText Security solutions can help you efficiently collect, analyze, and report on evidence from a variety of data sources and streamline incident response investigations.

A session you don’t want to miss:

SC01 Insider Threat: The FIRST 48!

The first 48 hours of any major insider threat incident are critical. How you triage and investigate and who you collaborate with are key. In this session, you will learn how to utilize automation to respond to and remediate various types of insider threat. Additionally, you’ll learn an approach to automating the initial triage process, escalation process and data collection to ensure you can address insider threat matters within 24-48 hours. Lastly, we’ll have a discussion on how metrics can improve business awareness and drive change to secure scientific data. Interested in attending this session? Search for and add it to your agenda here.

Threat detection and response

Attackers can traverse the inside of a network within minutes. Advanced threat detection and response solutions must be able to detect and investigate these anomalous behaviors to prevent the attackers from gaining the foothold needed to launch an attack. With cyber threats on the rise, organizations need to establish a cyber resilience strategy that includes forensic-level endpoint visibility to mitigate risks. Join the Threat Detection and Response sessions to learn how OpenText Security solutions can eliminate blind spots and uncover unknown threats.

A session you don’t want to miss:

SC12 Achieving vital network visibility and proactive threat hunting with Network Detection & Response

Enterprise networks are experiencing a deluge of highly sophisticated threats from motivated attackers. Cloud computing, remote working, and traffic encryption expand the attack surface while making threats harder to detect. Addressing security gaps requires total visibility and a proactive approach to finding threats. This presentation will explore how Network Detection and Response (NDR) empowers security operations professionals in fast-evolving infrastructures. Interested in attending this session? Search for and add it to your agenda here.

Enterprise investigations

Investigations come in a variety of flavors. Whether it’s investigation of security breaches or other policy violations, insider theft, fraud, compliance investigations, or employee activity, collecting information needed and providing an intuitive report of your findings is key to protecting an organization and enhancing public safety. Learn how OpenText Security solutions can help you conduct fast, efficient, reliable investigations.

A session you don’t want to miss:

SC07 MAC Collections in the Enterprise

A 2020 survey concluded that 55% of business now use MACs to carry out their daily activities. With the move towards BYOD as part of the pandemic-related work from home model, this number has surely increased. Yet MACs provide their own set of challenges when conducting a digital forensic investigation. This session zeros in on some of the challenges for conducting MAC investigations and how to overcome those challenges. Interested in attending this session? Search for and add it to your agenda here.

Digital forensics

With more devices, more data, and more places for bad actors to hide than ever, organizations can gain an information advantage by finding the evidence associated with a digital crime, no matter where the evidence hides. Whether it’s recovering and analyzing evidence from computers, mobile devices, or cloud-based applications, learn what tools are available to help make the world a safer, more secure place by finding the truth in data.

A session you don’t want to miss:

SC23 Smartphones: The Path Forward

Smartphones are the rulers of our daily digital lives. Rarely living further than an arm’s reach away, these devices can contain the intimate details of all aspects of our lives, from personal to professional. Dealing with a data source that changes so frequently can be one of the biggest hurdles in any type of investigation. This session will go through the primary issues facing the world of smartphone forensics, the recent changes happening with firmware and Apps, and what the future holds for these devices. Interested in attending this session? Search for and add it to your agenda here.

eDiscovery and Information Assurance

Volumes of data are increasing and business communications across collaboration platforms are becoming standard practice. With new regulations and data privacy laws, organizations need to be able to effectively collect all potentially relevant data for litigation, investigation, and regulatory requests. During the eDiscovery and Information Assurance sessions, learn how to remain competitive and compliant with modern data collection and automated eDiscovery workflows.

A session you don’t want to miss:

SC21 The convergence of compliance, legal, IT and security

Information Security has become multi-disciplinary across the enterprise. This roundtable session will discuss how to break down silos and increase alignment. Attend to explore the importance of people and processes and how to leverage technologies across departments to achieve not only information security but compliance, litigation readiness and cyber resilience. Interested in attending this session? Search for and add it to your agenda here.

Cyber resilience

We have a cyber resilience track dedicated to BrightCloud, the first threat intelligence platform to harness the cloud. Through its seventh-generation machine learning, BrightCloud stops zero-day threats in real-time. Integrated with third-party security products via API, BrightCloud Threat Intelligence improves efficacy against ransomware, phishing, and other sophisticated attacks. Join the Cyber resilience sessions to learn more about BrightCloud. 

Career development

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of people working in the cyber security industry is expected to increase by 31% over 2019-2029. Whether it’s SOC personnel in corporations or digital forensic examiners in law enforcement, the opportunity for a career in cyber security has never been greater. Join the career development sessions to hear from industry professionals on how to become part of this exciting community.

A session you don’t want to miss:

SC28 Making Your Way Through the Digital Investigations Careers Maze

Join this round table of industry experts to learn how they have progressed their careers from law enforcement to corporate investigations to cybersecurity services. Interested in attending this session? Search for and add it to your agenda here.

Other event highlights

In addition to the track topics, you can connect with OpenText experts and industry peers in a variety of sessions, including

  • Dedicated product keynotes covering in-depth product roadmaps.
  • Interactive hands-on labs and technical sessions featuring OpenText EnCase solutions, Tableau Forensic and more.
  • Product strategy discussions focused on learning about the latest solutions including OpenText Network Detection & Response.
  • Thought leadership sessions featuring industry experts and technical deep dives with EnCase experts.
  • Product advisory meetings providing the opportunity to share input on future innovations and discover new ways to maximize investments.
  • Lunch-and-learns to connect with your peers and focus on a key technical topic.
  • As an Enfuse live-event attendee, you can gain CPE credits, renew your EnCE, EnCEP, and CFSR certifications and take the certification exam for free (a $500 value)!

Join us for Enfuse at OpenText World 2022

The ultimate information management conference is back in-person! Join us for Enfuse at OpenText World 2022, October 4-6 at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, to learn how to tackle today’s security challenges.

You can also join us virtually. Virtual registration is free and includes access to keynotes from OpenText CEO & CTO Mark Barrenechea and EVP, Chief Product Officer Muhi Majzoub, live guest keynotes and access to book one-on-one time with OpenText experts.

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Peri Storey

Peri Storey is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for OpenText Digital Forensic solutions. Having spent her marketing career in the technology sector, Peri has focused on delivering brand recognition, go-to-market plans and lead-generation programs on a global scale. With a voice-of-the-customer approach, Peri is focused on solving the challenges associated with explosive data growth in a digital world.

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