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The phrase “from farm to table or farm to fork” is a clear example of traceability in the food or produce industry. It gives a…

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January 8, 20243 minute read

The phrase “from farm to table or farm to fork” is a clear example of traceability in the food or produce industry. It gives a sense of authenticity and imparts a commitment to supporting a local community. How can product traceability in other sectors, such as recreational equipment or nutritional supplements with a global reach, realize these same results? 

It begins with digitizing the unique product and creating a digital twin.

Smarter product traceability starts with creating the digital twin

I authored a blog titled “Addressing the Data Challenges in the Digital Twin” a while ago. 

In that blog, I detail the creation of a digital twin, a digital representation of a physical object. This unique digital identity of a product is the first step in smarter product traceability. There are many ways companies can create a digital identity. An Internet of Things Platform is one option to give a product a unique identifier, enabling various use cases. Here are a few examples of how companies can use product traceability in brand protection and supply chain visibility, improve customer loyalty, and aid in sustainability efforts.

What does brand protection look like?

This image shows how product traceability can be achieved through QR code scanning to provide product athenticity and critical real-time business intelligence.
Using a QR code, the IoT platform tracks events across the product Lifecycle/Supply Chain to the point of consumer engagement. It puts the data to work through robust business intelligence and analytics.

How can product traceability aid in supply chain visibility?

This image demonstrates how product traceability aids in supply chain visibility from the manufacturer to logistics to retail or the final destination.
Using the same QR code that created the singular, unique product identity, the IoT platform can view an ecosystem of products to be visualized and thereby tracked based on that created digital twin.

How can customers benefit from product traceability?

This image demonstrates how customers can benefit from product traceability including thank yous, additional information and mailing lists.
Brands must adapt and renew their relationship with consumers wherever they engage, at home, in-store or elsewhere. Now more than ever, a product and its packaging need to connect directly with your consumer.

How can product traceability assist in sustainability efforts?


Where and how was the product sourced? Everyone in the supply chain can ensure the product was securely shipped to the end destination.

Where to recycle? The consumer scans the QR code to get a link to the nearest locations with recycling drop-off.

Loyalty points: 

Consumers are linked to the product at the time of purchase or registration and awarded points when the product is recycled correctly. 

What makes OpenText™ product traceability different?

OpenText has key strengths and capabilities that demonstrate and significantly differentiate us from other services in product traceability. 

Breadth of service offering

OpenText delivers a range of capabilities within one overall flexible, cloud-based framework. This framework includes serialization, copy protection mechanisms, ingredient level and finished goods traceability, business intelligence services, comprehensive user-defined reporting, data analytics and blockchain services. These capabilities within one cloud-based service maximize investment and minimize integration and capital expenditure requirements. 

Mature domain expertise 

OpenText Solution Consultants have credible and demonstrable expertise in the traceability and supply chain domain. These supply chain and product traceability professionals deliver significant value collaboratively working with customers to derive measurable business value from their investments.   

You can also visit our OpenText product traceability page to learn more about creating smarter product traceability.

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