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Additional roles in connected engineering

The partnership between OpenText™ and Dassault Systemes is bringing connected engineering solutions to you like never before, built on Dassault’s CATIA computer-aided design products and supporting by OpenText’s cloud-based managed services.

CATIA 5 for everyone in applications tailored for anyone

As a designer, it’s important to have software that makes your job easier. Take 3DEXPERIENCE Electrical for instance – this is an industry-leading collaborative software which makes it easy for CATIA designers to design and develop complex electrical applications within existing projects. But the work of the designer is only one step in the process, and that work needs to be reviewed by other team members such as the project lead. What if the project lead doesn’t have access to CATIA or 3DEXPERIENCE? Does that mean the process stops, or there’s a workflow delay in converting files to something that outside users can see and comment on?

Not with CATIA and 3DEXPERIENCE platforms. The importance of a streamlined workflow is paramount in product development, so CATIA and 3DEXPERIENCE are built within an integrated platform which allows anyone to gain access to relevant data and files even if they are not using CATIA or 3DEXPERIENCE. This means that a project lead does not need to understand the ins-and-outs of the CATIA CAD software to do his or her job – all the relevant information is easily available with a first-class user experience and without any unnecessary components for that particular role. As a result, users across the entire workflow are ensured they’re getting the highest quality data and the most up-to-date designs in applications that are uniquely suited to the people using them.

A single source of truth

Connecting engineering is all about a “single source of truth.” Collaboration is ineffective when efforts are duplicated or information needs to be reinterpreted in each step – in fact, that’s not collaboration at all. That’s inefficient, silo-based working and it’s costing your company time and resources.

Truly collaborative engineering environments – including project data, sketches, and marketing specs – eliminate the silos and put everyone on the same page at the same time. The backbone of connected engineering is CATIA and 3DEXPERIENCE, and OpenText’s cloud infrastructure means that collaborative environment is available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Access the series of videos detailing this and other 3DEXPERIENCE journeys here.Learn more about Connected Engineering, the 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA portfolio and Dassault Systemes partnership with OpenText here.

Bob Slevin

Bob Slevin is the Director of Product Marketing for IoT at OpenText. Bob is an Internet of Things (IoT) architect and evangelist with more than 25 years’ experience in telecommunications spanning Military and Private sectors. He has collaborated with partners to deploy millions of connected devices across business and consumer markets. An IoT thought leader with an MBA in Technology Management, Bob is focused on identifying business challenges and building innovative solutions to improve operational efficiencies, drive growth and mitigate risks.

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