Tame eDiscovery document review costs while reducing risk

Demands on legal services within the enterprise have never been greater, extending beyond litigation and regulatory compliance to privacy, data security, and risk and crisis management. At the same time, budgets are being squeezed and legal departments are being asked to do more with less.

When substantial eDiscovery document review surpasses the bandwidth of in-house staff, external contract attorneys are often used for first-pass responsiveness review, and litigation counsel for second-pass issue coding and privilege review. Despite promises of front-end efficiency and cost reductions, this traditional approach achieves the opposite.  Inaccurate keyword searching and linear review of all documents limit the potential cost savings and negatively impacts the speed and accuracy with which the review can be completed.

Improving eDiscovery and investigations document review efficiency

But there is a better way to complete an eDiscovery document review. With OpenText™ High-Efficiency Managed Review services, in-house counsel and law firms no longer need to make a trade-off between risk, cost and stressful workloads that can make meeting project deadlines daunting. For example, high-efficiency review found 94% of responsive documents and saved this corporation involved in federal investigation $400,000 in review costs.

High-Efficiency Managed Review is a unified managed review service that combines experienced attorney reviewers with machine learning experts and proprietary technology-assisted review (TAR) technology. Just some of the benefits include:

  1. Improved ability to manage workloads and meet deadlines: When in-house legal teams need to accelerate projects to meet tight deadlines or get to the facts quickly to evaluate the merits of a case, a High-Efficiency Managed Review is the best option for delivering quality work product in a timely, efficient and cost-effective way. The OpenText High-Efficiency review team gets in-house counsel teams and their outside counsel across the finish line faster so the legal team knows more, knows sooner, and ultimately can make better decisions.
  2. Cost predictability with upfront, fixed fee pricing: Corporate legal departments no longer need to endure uncertainty around document review spend, and their law firms can be more competitive by offering their clients predictable and cost-effective services. OpenText offers upfront, fixed fee pricing that eliminates the risk of cost overruns based on an initial scoping of the project.
  3. Up to 80 % cost savings: A High-Efficiency Managed Review is proven to reduce document review costs up to 80 percent compared to alternative review approaches, including keyword search and technology-assisted review based on simple active or passing learning approaches. Savings are instantly realized by optimizing TAR 2.0 technology to substantially reduce document volumes for human review and prioritize only the subset of relevant information.
  4. Risk mitigation achieved by measurably higher quality: OpenText measurably reduces risk and improves quality over alternative approaches, achieving 80% recall or higher. The review team is expert at optimizing the technology, and is fully integrated with the product team to ensure the best use of features that OpenText technology so powerful and the review so efficient. Moreover, stringent workflow procedures and quality control (QC) processes reduce the typical outside counsel QC from 20 percent to just 5 percent or less—saving corporations substantial costs and enabling their litigation counsel to focus on case strategy.

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You can learn more about OpenText High-Efficiency Managed Review services by visiting our website. You can also review our solution overviews, High-Efficiency Managed Review – for corporations and High-Efficiency Managed Review – for law firms or read about how a leading law firm automates document review with a cloud-based eDiscovery solution from OpenText.

Wendy Cole

Wendy is a long-time legal technology and eDiscovery enthusiast. Having participated in many facets of the legal and legal technology industries, her broad range of experience spans from being on the front-line of eDiscovery projects as a civil litigator and eDiscovery counsel, to managing and marketing legal technology software and services for global organizations.

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