Streamline identity management with a secure automated cloud solution by NetIQ Identity Manager by OpenText

OpenText™ Cloud Editions (CE) 24.1 introduces exciting updates and enhancements tailored for CE customers. Among these notable additions is NetIQ™ Identity Manager, a cloud-based solution engineered to increase efficiency and streamline the processes of enterprise identity management. This integrated solution operates in harmony with both your existing and new systems as it harnesses the power of OpenText’s virtual private cloud. 

What can NetIQ Identity Manager on OpenText CE do for you? 

Empower your organization with Identity Manager, shifting focus from technical intricacies to efficient user identity management. NetIQ Identity Manager (IDM) ensures comprehensive oversight of the identity management lifecycle, resulting in cost reduction, enhanced compliance, and minimized risks of unauthorized access. For existing customers, the choice to migrate to the private cloud offering or deploy it in hybrid mode with existing off-cloud deployments is available.  

Customers can also leverage the fully managed Identity Manager environment by OpenText, alleviating them from maintenance tasks and ensuring their IDM environment stays updated with minimal effort. This offers valuable relief to business owners, freeing them from maintenance, patching, and updating tasks while ensuring their IDM environment remains up to date with minimal effort. 

What is included with NetIQ Identity Manager? 

NetIQ Identity Manager oversees the entire identity lifecycle with a modular yet seamlessly integrated approach, empowering organizations to address present requirements and anticipate future needs. As organizations evolve, the challenge of providing immediate access to emerging applications and services persists. Identity Manager acts as the cornerstone, offering the flexibility necessary to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape. 

At its core, Identity Manager automates user provisioning and de-provisioning, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of human errors for a smoother user management experience. The solution establishes a centralized access administration framework based on roles and rules. Utilizing well-defined roles enables organizations to allocate access according to job responsibilities, fostering a structured and secure access control system. Coupled with OpenText’s resilient cloud infrastructure, this simplifies the access-granting process and bolsters the overall security posture. 

Overhead Reduction with Single Tenant OpenText™ Services Integrations 

NetIQ Identity Manager’s Single-Tenant SaaS ensures seamless integration with various OpenText Services and other customer systems. By reducing overhead, organizations can free themselves from the tasks of deploying and managing Identity Manager within their environment, all without introducing added complexities to their operations. 

For more information about NetIQ Identity Manager please visit here.

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