OpenText Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Document Mining and Analytics Platforms, Q2 2024

The report states, “OpenText is equipped to handle any and all document mining and analytics tasks,” highlighting IDOL’s AI-driven document management and unstructured data analytics capabilities.

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May 30, 20243 minute read

OpenText Developer Cloud

OpenText™ is thrilled to announce that our IDOL™ platform has been named a leader in Forrester’s recent vendor evaluation for document mining and analytics providers. In this comprehensive report, Forrester meticulously analyzed the most significant 14 providers, applying a robust 25-criterion evaluation to measure their performance and capabilities.

In its evaluation, the report highlighted the performance of OpenText IDOL in AI-driven document management, complex data mining across all data types, and unstructured data analytics. The report states, “OpenText is equipped to handle any and all document mining and analytics tasks,” and, “It is close to impossible to find any gaps in IDOL’s capabilities to mine information from documents, text, and any form of rich media.”

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Unmatched performance across key criteria

OpenText IDOL received the highest score possible in the following criteria, which includes critical criteria such as:

  • Accuracy Verification
  • Complex Forms and Images
  • Security and Regulatory Compliance
  • Document-Level Text Mining

The report noted that large enterprises consistently choose IDOL for its ability to handle complex document mining and analytics tasks. The platform’s criteria, such as HITL (Human-In-The-Loop) accuracy verification, cross-document mining with unsupervised machine learning, and a pervasive architecture for data security, were particularly listed as “standout capabilities”. Additionally, OpenText believes IDOL’s user-friendly interface ensures that business users can easily leverage its powerful capabilities.

Discover the power of OpenText IDOL

OpenText IDOL offers advanced AI-driven document mining and analytics to manage and extract insights from diverse data sources. Key features include:

  • Entity Extraction and NLP: Extract critical information with advanced grammar libraries.
  • AI Sentiment Analysis: Real-time sentiment analysis across platforms.
  • Data Classification and Security: Efficient organization and compliance with industry standards.
  • Multimedia Analytics: Analyze audio, video, and images with AI-powered tools.
  • Scalability and Automation: Handle large data volumes and automate data discovery.
  • Data Access and Connectors: Search over 160 repository sources and 1,900+ file types.

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Notable customers using OpenText

OpenText’s advanced AI-driven analytics capabilities are trusted by leading organizations worldwide. Here are some notable customers and how they benefit from OpenText solutions:

  • RTVE (Radio Televisión Española): enhances content accessibility and production efficiency by streamlining searches of a 50-year archive.
  • Auckland Transport: enhances transportation services by analyzing unstructured data, optimizing traffic management, and improving passenger experiences.
  • Dubai Police: gains real-time data access and automated identification, improving their response to incidents and enhancing vehicle tracking accuracy.
  • Media Info Groep: improves media monitoring and analytics, enabling real-time insights and sentiment analysis from extensive media content.
  • TELUS: improves search accuracy, reduces call-servicing time, and enhances customer satisfaction by streamlining the service address search process.

The latest user interfaces and products:

Figure 1: Aviator Search – Move from search results to trustworthy answers in a simple conversational interface.
Figure 2: OpenText Discover – Elevate investigative analytics and derive deeper insights.
Figure 3: OpenText IDOL Teams app – Reach IDOL from where you work every day.

Future-proofing business with OpenText IDOL

As data volumes continue to grow exponentially, the ability to manage and leverage this information is more crucial than ever. OpenText remains at the forefront, delivering AI-driven solutions that streamline data management and empower enterprises to turn data into actionable insights.

We believe the recognition from Forrester is a testament to OpenText’s dedication to innovation and excellence in AI-powered analytics. With IDOL, enterprises are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of document mining and analytics, ensuring they remain competitive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Download a complimentary copy of the Forrester Wave™ report and learn how OpenText IDOL can transform your enterprise analytics capabilities.

Download the Forrester Wave report

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