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Changing business priorities require your organization to focus on optimizing for efficiency to ensure positive impact to the bottom line. In the current climate, solutions…

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June 8, 20215 minute read

Changing business priorities require your organization to focus on optimizing for efficiency to ensure positive impact to the bottom line. In the current climate, solutions must provide a return in investment in months, not years. Like most organizations, you want and need to analyze valuable information to improve decision-making by embedding business intelligence and insight into all your enterprise data sources.

Increasing the efficiency of embedding Business Intelligence into your Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions starts by ensuring you have all the comprehensive capabilities to design, deploy, and manage insightful, highly interactive reports and dashboards. OpenText™ Magellan BI & Reporting suits the needs of IT, power users and the casual business users. While differentiated capabilities such as scalability, embeddability, extensibility, and authoring flexibility enable IT teams to seamlessly embed and create any reports and dashboards, Magellan BI & Reporting’s intuitive self-service UI allows casual business users to create, interact and view reports and dashboards in an interactive manner.

5 Top reasons for Magellan BI & Reporting in OpenText EIM

EMBED-ABILITY – Switching between systems to access Business Intelligence in the form of dashboards and reports takes users out of the process context they are working on. Context-switching decreases efficiency and productivity which is why Magellan BI & Reporting facilitates back-end integrations to enrich enterprise applications leveraging a comprehensive set of APIs that ensure speed without jeopardizing interactivity or security. Magellan BI & Reporting’s seamless embeddability enables business insight within users’ EIM workspaces.

SCALABILITY – Making Business Intelligence pervasive requires the ability to ensure enterprise user populations can access BI insights when they need it without worrying about their availability. Magellan BI & Reporting’s linear horizontal and vertical scalability supports hundreds of thousands of global users, ensuring the entire enterprise can access the reports and dashboards they need in a timely manner.

EXTENSIBILITY & FLEXIBILITY – When it comes to BI, user types vary as some may focus on the creation of the reports and dashboards and others may only need to consume these to drive their decision-making. Magellan BI & Reporting is flexible by providing skillset appropriate BI authoring and consumption environments to empower different types of users to take their data into their own hands. Magellan BI & Reporting also provides the extensibility needed to meet complex requirements for BI insights.  

SECURITY – Security is a key aspect when embedding BI to enterprise applications. Magellan BI & Reporting provides a multi-layered approach that is integrated with the EIM stack. It includes security at different points throughout the BI content generation, access, and manipulation processes. Organizations can choose the best security approach that fits the needs of their environment.  

JOURNEY TO AI – Magellan BI & Reporting enables deeper insights by being part of OpenText Magellan, an AI platform. Through its integration with key products within the platform, it enables organizations to extract insight from big data and big content with data science and Machine Learning (ML).

Tapping into your EIM data unlocks organizational intelligence required for that competitive advantage. Unfortunately, your organization only has limited capabilities from your Analytics teams. Self-Service empowers that casual business user, with minimal cost, to get the insight they require in their day-to-day activities without waiting on precious IT resources that need to focus on Executive and Corporate Management. With Magellan BI & Reporting WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) dashboard authoring capabilities, you increase their efficiency in getting to the answers and insights they need, ensuring business continuity and success. Did you know that 25% of organizations make better business decisions with embedded analytics? Flexibility for self-service is therefore a top reason to highlight.

The other is a Journey to Ai. It’s no longer a buzzword and organizations know that they need to invest in Ai to compete and stay relevant in years to come. Some articles even call on organizations to ensure they acquire “disruptive technologies”. At the very least, we should favor Ai augmented technologies which help automate or optimize our business. As Magellan BI & Reporting is a component of the Magellan platform, your journey to Ai is simplified by giving you the stepping stones, from analytics to advanced analytics or predictive analytics, all the way to machine learning (ML) capabilities or even natural language processing for your unstructured information, allowing you to grow your technology stack as you deliver successes along the way.

In the end, Magellan BI & Reporting will save your users time by embedding reports and dashboards within your EIM solution, making insights pervasive and ensuring insights are available within context. In doing so, it improves your outcomes with data-driven actions and decisions without having to spend time logging into another application.  

Business Insight with Magellan BI & Reporting Content Server Enabler

OpenText Professional Services ensure the optimal use of Magellan BI & Reporting and accelerates the delivery of Business Intelligence for EIM solutions such as Content Server by providing Magellan BI & Reporting Starter Packages.

Want insight?

Many OpenText EIM customers can request a limited license of Magellan BI & Reporting to quickly get started. With the OpenText Professional Services ‘Starter Package’, you ensure a return on investment in a month or less, getting business insight from your most valuable data. Our service packages are available for most EIM platforms including Content Server, Documentum, eDOCS, Media Management and others. We ensure Magellan BI & Reporting installation is optimized to your environment, in stand-alone or enterprise deployments. We provide the support, documentation and any knowledge transfer needed. And we accompany you on your first reports and analytics, delivering your first Insight into your EIM solution.

Hit the ground running with Magellan BI & Reporting with OpenText Professional Services. Contact your Client Director or email salt@opentext.com to confirm your license entitlement and get started today.

Author: Marc St-Pierre, Sr. Director, Professional Services – Consulting

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