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Information Extraction Service – An innovative approach to capture

A new unified modern capture solution for the SAP ecosystem

To remain competitive, modern businesses strive to transform the way they work. Digital transformation is not a simple buzzword, but a way to survive in our fast-paced economy. When talking about digital transformation, we immediately think of technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, or the Internet of Things (IoT). However, many forget that it’s not just about the technology – it’s about using digital technologies to transform current processes into something significantly better.

Simplification is just one of the ways to transform current processes to achieve better results. Processes are often manual, or have multiple stakeholders, simply because that’s how they evolved over time. To enable digital transformation, it is important to simplify processes and focus on making software more intuitive and seamless.

That’s why OpenText™ is excited to launch a new unified modern capture solution for the SAP ecosystem,  OpenText™ Information Extraction Service for SAP® Solutions (IES).

What’s new? An innovative approach to capture

OpenText Information Extraction Service for SAP® Solutions (IES) takes an advanced approach to optical character recognition (OCR). The software recognizes the type of incoming document and intelligently captures the full information in the right business context to pass it to the correct process, allowing the maximum level of automation.

Built on a powerful platform incorporating more than 30 years of experience, a sophisticated invoice knowledge base and machine learning technology, IES continuously adapts and learns with every document it processes. This innovative approach minimizes setup efforts while driving higher document recognition and automation rates.

IES is our next generation of capture products which will replace Invoice Capture Center (ICC)—a component of Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions – and the capture component of OpenText Business Center for SAP Solutions (BCC).

Whether the document is an incoming invoice, sales order, quotation, delivery note, order confirmation or even an HR document, IES for SAP Solutions automates them all.

Automating Everything


IES for SAP Solutions offers a robust service, completely integrated into SAP, which allows you to capture any incoming document. With our latest machine learning technology, we have minimized the setup efforts which will allow customers to use the solution from day one to digitalize and automate your incoming information streams and gain value.

What’s unique?

  • Patent-pending machine learning technologies
  • Seamless integration with the SAP suite, including S/4HANA®
  • Single capture solution for all SAP-related documents and processes
  • An out-of-the-box solution with zero configuration on the OCR side
  • 30+ years of industry expertise & best practices

To remain competitive, companies have to transform their way of thinking. There is no more place for complicated solutions on the market. While capture is a step towards the digital enterprise, it is not the leading application and has to be as efficient and as simple as possible. With OpenText Information Extraction Service for SAP Solutions (IES), we offer an industry leading solution, which is tightly integrated into the SAP suite and is able to efficiently capture any incoming document. So, what are you waiting for?

Remember – you cannot go digital without digital content.

You can learn more about OpenText Information Extraction Service for SAP® Solutions by visiting our website.

Vladimir Shakhov

Vladimir Shakhov is the Sr. Strategic Ecosystems Manager - SAP Ecosystem at OpenText, responsible for go-to-marketing of diverse SAP-centric solutions. In course of his career, Vladimir has had a variety of different roles and gathered vast experience when it comes to business transformation & optimization. Prior to OpenText, he worked as the deputy IT manager for the largest investment bank in Russia, and after moving to Germany toped his experience by working in the consulting department of SAP. Vladimir is a frequent speaker in key customer-facing events. He carries the responsibilities for DSAG user group, and prior to this role has 5 years of successful career in Sales & Business Development in the EIM market, which in combination with his technical background -allow him to efficiently support the partners & customers on the way to digital transformation Vladimir has an MBA degree from the leading European University with the major in business transformation.

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