The value of process analysis during uncontrollable times

It seems like 2020 is going to be known as the year that organizations will be tested on adapting to situations out of our control!…

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June 22, 20202 minute read

It seems like 2020 is going to be known as the year that organizations will be tested on adapting to situations out of our control! But crisis often provides organizations with the opportunity to look deep into behaviors to determine what can be done to survive and come out stronger. For enterprise organizations, those “behaviors” include steps to improve the company’s business processes. But to improve your business processes, you must first understand them, which requires the need to explore and evaluate those processes.

The Association of Business Process Management defines business process analysis as “…the action of conducting a review and gaining an understanding of business processes. It involves reviewing the components of a process, including inputs, outputs, procedures, controls, actors, applications, data, technologies, and their interactions to produce results.” The analysis includes the evaluation of time, cost, capacity and quality of processes, being able to use static or dynamic visual models of the process, data collection from the beginning to the end of activities, analysis of value chain, end-to-end modeling and functional decomposition.

With all projects, personally or at the enterprise level, to be effective you must have the right tools at your disposal. The right tool will help ensure the success of the task in a timelier manner, and with a higher success rate, than if you used something else. That’s where OpenText™ ProVision comes in.

OpenText ProVision enables you to capture, present, and analyze your entire enterprise — resulting in a thorough understanding of the cause-effect relationships between business strategy, business processes, and the systems and technology that support them. Enterprise visibility and the resulting business and IT alignment are the foundation for true enterprise agility, especially during times like these.

During this time, all organizations are, or should be, putting together an impact analysis, redefining strategies, or leveraging assets. Leading organizations are using OpenText ProVision to be successful. OpenText ProVision is an end-to-end solution for Enterprise and Business Architecture and Business Process Analysis – allowing customers to translate business strategy and operational objectives into successful enterprise change through views that describe enterprise assets and their relationships. This understanding of the enterprise serves as the context for effective Business Process Analysis and future planning.

If you would like to learn more about OpenText ProVision, visit our website.

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Derrick Chapin is a Senior Solutions Consultant for OpenText with expertise in document management including viewing, transformation, workflow handling, and business process analysis and optimization. Derrick has spent the last decade helping organizations take full advantage of tools like Brava, Blazon, and Provision.

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