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Creating OpenText Aviator

“There’s a big difference between a pilot and an aviator. One is a technician; the other is an artist in love with flight.”

— Elrey Borge Jeppesen, American aviator

When it came to creating a brand for, the idea of OpenText™ Aviator sprang from our love for aviation. There are many parallels between aviation and technology – both professions require engineering and preparation, both have highly competitive players, and both require calculated maneuvers to make rapid ascents. In our quest to capture imaginations with what artificial general intelligence (AGI) can do for enterprises, we created the Aviator brand to connote new heights and new possibilities.

OpenText Aviator represents a group of wildly smart engineers at OpenText who love innovation. Applying decades of AI expertise and embracing rapid experimentation with a wide array of new large language models (LLMs), our product teams have deliberately chosen to take a poly-model approach in our quest for generative AI, which means we have a whole squadron of planes in the hangar!  We are not partial to any language model, but rather we believe in helping customers choose the right model for the right job. The superheroes of the Aviator story are not the models, nor the products, but rather the people who do the work. 


OpenText Aviator aims to empower teams to get the AI advantage to reimagine work. This is our North Star. We don’t see AI as just another capability or feature, but rather we believe that AI will transform every industry and every role. With information management + trusted data + AI, we are bringing new ways to engage with customers, partners, and employees.

Introducing OpenText Aviator

Introducing OpenText Aviator for Business  

Get gen-AI capabilities within applications to reimagine work. Watch these short videos to learn how our new Aviator solutions can help you solve hard problems:

OpenText Experience Aviator

OpenText IT Operations Aviator

OpenText DevOps Aviator

OpenText Content Aviator

OpenText Cybersecurity Aviator

Visit to learn why OpenText is a trusted partner for your AI journey.

Sandy Ono

Sandy Ono is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for OpenText. Sandy is responsible for driving marketing and communications worldwide from brand to demand to deliver growth for the company. With more than 20 years of experience as a business transformation leader in the high-tech industry, Sandy brings a passion for marketing, analytics, and leading world-class teams from strategy to execution.

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