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Rapid Radiology puts the focus on senior care

As one of the largest teleradiology providers in the U.S., Rapid Radiology was established to expedite and enhance patient diagnosis and treatment, and to specifically elevate the quality of senior patient care.

The company supports a fast-growing network of mobile radiology vendors that service long-term care providers and facilities. However, due to the wide variety of electronic medical record (EMR) systems in use, these radiology providers face challenges when it comes to the electronic exchange of imaging orders, requisitions, and results. A lack of platform interoperability can impede optimal imaging order submission and results delivery. For a senior patient at a long-term care facility awaiting the results of an x-ray, any delay could significantly impact their treatment and outcome.

To simplify EMR integration and optimize the workflow from the initial electronic imaging requisition through to the delivery of patient results, Rapid Radiology uses OpenText™ EMR-Link™. This solution not only supports a fully integrated connection between the radiology provider and the long-term care facility’s EMR, it also delivers validated, complete electronic ordering, and enables radiology results to be received, accessed, and stored as a part of a patient’s healthcare record.

“OpenText EMR-Link allows us to deliver better turnaround on patient care. An order can happen in real-time in our system now—the order comes in and it’s automatically dispatched to the correct tech in that area, versus taking a phone call, getting a fax, getting an email, and then having to re-enter it into a system.”
– Mike Spears, Executive Vice President, Rapid Radiology

Automatic, accurate, and accelerated data leads to faster clinical decisions that improve patient outcomes and bring relief to the anxious families of those loved ones in senior care. To learn about how Rapid Radiology streamlined delivery of radiology services using OpenText EMR-Link, read the full story here.

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