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How The Consortium Clemenger is bringing fulfillment innovation to the Australian market

Guest author, Vishal Charan, IT Director, The Consortium Clemenger, explains how a fully managed solution from OpenText delivered the freedom to innovate while also helping the company scale quickly and avoid disruption.

If you shop at large retail chains in Australia, there’s a good chance that The Consortium Clemenger delivered some of the best-known brands you see on the shelves. For more than 30 years, we’ve brought a consumer-centric approach to fulfillment in the Australian market.

In recent years, we’ve evolved our services to meet the changing needs and preferences of Australian consumers. The Consortium Clemenger offering now includes end-to-end e-commerce, point-of-sale kitting, reward and loyalty promotions, and more. Our sector never stands still. We need to stay agile to keep pace with the latest market trends.

Riding the e-commerce wave

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, digital channels have become even more popular among Australian shoppers, and many brands are now aiming to grow their direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses. Although this channel represents a major opportunity for The Consortium Clemenger, our previous approach to B2B integration challenged our ability to capitalize on the trend.

We used to rely on an on-premises B2B integration solution to engage with our trading partners. Our previous tool, having served us well for many years, was starting to show its age. Developing, testing and launching new services was time consuming and labor intensive, and it often took up to six weeks to bring them to market. We knew it simply wasn’t feasible to try and push thousands of new D2C transactions per day through the old solution.

Looking for a new approach

We sought a partner that could help us create a modern, future ready B2B integration platform to seize new opportunities. When we began assessing the capabilities of OpenText™ Business Network Cloud Enterprise, we realized we’d found exactly what we were looking for.

One of the first things that stood out is that OpenText Business Network Cloud Enterprise is a fully managed solution, delivered via the OpenText Cloud. As a result, my team can focus on building new services for our clients—there’s no need for them to spend time managing the underlying infrastructure. We were also impressed with the scalability and reliability of the solution. We get peace of mind from guaranteed service levels and knowing we can ramp up our B2B integration volumes quickly and elastically.

This is an image of a warehouse representing The Consortium Clemenger.

Bringing innovative services to market—faster

We communicate with our partners around the clock, so moving to the cloud without disruption was essential. We worked with experts from OpenText seamlessly switch to the new solution—our transition was so smooth, most of our clients didn’t even notice that anything had changed! When we leveraged the capabilities of OpenText Business Network Cloud Enterprise to offer new services such as D2C fulfillment, our clients were delighted.

For example, we recently worked with one of our clients to deliver track-and-trace information for their D2C orders. We used a real-time data interface from our logistics partner to automatically deliver data on the location of each order as it moves through the network. While projects like this normally take weeks or months to complete in the on-premises world, we can now deliver new offerings in as little as two days—95% faster than before.

We’re excited to build new services powered by data from the OpenText solution. From integrating with ride-sharing providers to enable new last-mile delivery options for clients, to streamlining warehouse picking with big data analytics and robots, we have gained the freedom to innovate.

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