Developing a more sustainable business environment

Over the past decade there has been an increasing drive for companies to developer greener and more sustainable business environments. Climate change has been a…

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February 12, 20184 minutes read

Over the past decade there has been an increasing drive for companies to developer greener and more sustainable business environments. Climate change has been a key driver for this initiative and the Paris Climate Accord was a key turning point for nearly every country around the world. Each country that signed up to the agreement would become accountable for implementing more compliance procedures that for example encouraged more companies to become more aware of the impact they are making on the environment. This blog introduces new content to explain how OpenText can contribute towards a company’s sustainability goals.

The Paris Climate Accord is an agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and relates to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The agreement was negotiated by 196 countries and these countries have committed to introduce efforts to keep global temperature rise this century to well below 2 degrees Celcius above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase even further by 1.5 degrees. There are many ways in which countries are starting to contribute towards developing a greener planet.


Developing a more sustainable business environment has certainly become a topic of conversation among chief executives with corporate goals now being put in place to reduce carbon footprints and ensure that internal and external working practices are aligned with these goals.

Key to achieving these goals are to introduce new business processes and working practices that encourage both internal employees and external business partners to become more aware of their business environment and how they conduct business on a day to day basis. Today, many companies are embarking on digitizing end to end business processes and providing a foundation that can support future digital transformation initiatives.

Many companies have been more focused on digitizing internal business processes to indirectly support sustainability initiatives. However far greater benefits can be obtained if companies focus on digitizing information flows across their extended digital business eco-systems. This could include automating and digitizing business transactions being exchanged with suppliers, logistics carriers, banks and other business partners.

Here at OpenText we recognize that companies can benefit significantly from digitizing their internal and external business processes and we have a number of solution offerings that can help achieve this. We have recently launched a microsite that provides useful information in the form of white papers, webinars and infographics that show how OpenText can directly contribute towards your company’s sustainability program.

There are two key solution offerings highlighted:

OpenText™ Exstream is an omni-channel communications solution that generates conventional and digital documents that can be delivered electronically via email, SMS or via self-service portals. Exstream allows companies to optimize customer engagement through the delivery of ultra-personalized and compliant communications, delivered anytime, anyplace or anywhere. Digitizing communications allows your business to engage more closely with your customers and at the same time contribute towards a more sustainable way of exchanging information with your business partners and customers. To learn more about how Exstream can contribute towards your sustainability strategy, click here.

OpenText™ Trading Grid™ helps companies to connect electronically with stakeholders across their business eco-system. OpenText currently processes over 24 billion B2B transactions across the Trading Grid environment on an annual basis, this includes purchase orders, invoices and any other document associated with moving goods through the supply chain. For each and every paper based transaction that we have automated and digitized, this contributes towards green savings across the business and for companies processing thousands or millions of paper transactions per year this can amount to a significant ‘green’ related saving. To learn more about how Trading Grid can enable your digital green supply chain, click here.

Digitizing information flows across your internal and external business environment can contribute significantly towards your company’s sustainability goals, you can learn more here.

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