Announcing OpenText Business Network Cloud CE 21.2

In OpenText™ Business Network Cloud CE 21.1, we introduced new capabilities in support of our unified integration platform, OpenText™ Trading Grid™. Since we acquired Liaison…

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April 14, 20213 minute read

In OpenText™ Business Network Cloud CE 21.1, we introduced new capabilities in support of our unified integration platform, OpenText™ Trading Grid™. Since we acquired Liaison Technologies in late 2018, we have been working to integrate Liaison’s innovative integration solutions into Trading Grid. One aspect of this consolidation of our integration capabilities into a single platform is to provide a holistic approach to integrations, remove silos created by the integration disciplines and platforms. Trading Grid and its recent releases continue to add support for new API connectors to connect and exchange data with cloud applications. These API Connectors allow Trading Grid to extend the external integrations into the internal business environment allowing customers to implement a unified integration strategy in a single platform with clear and accurate visibility.

With Business Network Cloud CE 21.2, OpenText is introducing further enhancements to our suite of Business to Anything (B2A) integration and IoT solutions that continues to strengthen our ‘Connect Once, Reach Anything’ mandate.

For CE 21.2, we will have 200 API connectors available for companies wishing to integrate into and between business systems such as SAP, Oracle, ServiceNow and SalesForce in an efficient way. We are also introducing 60 new API connectors that support different aspects of integration to SAP S/4HANA. S/4HANA is top of mind with many of today’s CIO as they make their plans to migrate away from ECC, SAP’s on-premises ERP platform that will be retired in 2027. This is a major compelling event for CIOs who will not only have to migrate to a new ERP platform, but will also have to rework all the backend integrations that connect SAP ECC to other business systems such as HR, CRM, PLM and supply chain. In addition to the availability of these new SAP S/4HANA API connectors, Business Network is pleased to announce a number of enhancements as part of CE 21.2.

Improved on-boarding and user experience across our Trading Grid platform

Enhancements include:

  • OpenText™ Active Catalogue now supports images imported from  OpenText™ Media Management and allows retailers to obtain a much richer and up to date set of product information
  • OpenText™ Active Invoices with Compliance includes a new integration to a Business Validation Service to help improve adherence to country specific tax regulations
  • OpenText™ Active Orders delivers improvements to its user interface simplifying the overall user experience within the application 

Faster IoT device onboarding and support for exception management

Enhancements include:

  • The process of enabling IoT devices in the field can be time consuming and complex. CE 21.2 now allows users of our IoT platform to accelerate the onboarding of new devices by way of a dedicated mobile environment. This is perfect for field engineers that need to quickly onboard new connected devices to a central IoT platform

CE 21.2 has also extended the capabilities of our IoT platform by introducing an exception management dashboard that will identify real-time exceptions to pre-defined business rules created by IoT sensor-based events. This allows users to quickly identify areas of the IoT ecosystem that may warrant closer inspection. This helps to improve the management of larger groups of connected devices

Our Trading Grid and IoT platforms continue to evolve and these latest enhancements help to accelerate our customers’ digital transformation initiatives by improving the usability of our Active Applications and responsiveness of our IoT platform. For more information on our solutions, please visit our website.

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As Senior Director, Product Marketing for Business Network, Mark leads the product marketing efforts for a suite of cloud integration, IoT and IAM solutions that help companies establish an end to end digital ecosystem to connect people, systems and things. Mark also has an interest in how disruptive technologies will impact future business environments. Mark has nearly 30 years industry experience across the discrete manufacturing sector.

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