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Walid Hbeika

Walid Hbeika is Chief Technologist in OpenText’s Application Delivery Management organization.

IT Strategy—Is a Democracy Merited?

Within an organization, you have different stakeholders with conflicting priorities. Developers tend to think that the choice of tools is key to developing high-quality applications. Architects, on the other hand, focus on the right framework or blueprint, not so much on tools. Finally, owners or sponsors of these applications typically care about neither. They want something reliable, secure, scalable, and aligned with the business. Meanwhile procurement want the best price, period. So who’s in control?

January 6, 2023 5 minute read
Harvest High-Quality Apps with a Mobile Device Farm

Harvest High-Quality Apps with a Mobile Device Farm

Mobile application testing is critical to meeting customers’ high expectations. A mobile device farm can help you meet their demands with more efficient, realistic testing.

5 minute read

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