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Your Supply Chain Should be Like Your Car: Fast and Reliable

Automotive companies are concerned with two potentially conflicting values: going fast and not crashing. In a sense, all agile manufacturing companies with a business-critical supply chain are interested in the same things. So how do you move through the marketplace quickly, while maintaining reliable service?

Honda of the UK Manufacturing LTD (HUM) was faced with a variety of challenges surrounding speed and reliability, particularly with regard to information exchange supporting its complex supply chain. With a major reliance on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)—one of the most common methods of B2B communications—HUM wanted a quicker, more dependable way to send and receive large volumes of information, and it wanted it all in one place. Without an appropriate solution, HUM risked late delivery of the products it relied on to create fast cars quickly, and, as a result, late delivery to its customers.

HUM solved the problem by working with OpenText EasyLink EDI Managed Services to build a collaborative EDI environment in which it could optimize its vital supply chain. With EasyLink EDI Managed Services, HUM realized:

  • Seamless information flow between HUM and its hundreds of suppliers, resulting in record production
  • Improvement in supplier labeling and documentation, reducing errors by 95 percent
  • A powerful online ordering and delivery system
  • Robust, detailed, on-demand forecasting that eliminated supply-chain surprises
  • A web portal that simplified the entire EDI-based supply chain process

Whether you are building cars or delivering groceries, you need to balance speed and reliability. EasyLink EDI Managed Services does just that, and they do it for you. Decrease IT burden, improve productivity, and streamline your EDI-based supply chain.


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Lisa Grankowski

Lisa is in the OpenText Business Network Marketing team.

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