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Winning teams spotlight on the OpenText InfoArchive Engineering team

The OpenText™ InfoArchive Engineering team has had a busy two years.

In addition to executing on a beta and three solid product releases, the product was acquired by OpenText in January 2017. At this time, the team experienced a transition over to OpenText from their previous employer – Dell Enterprise Content Division (ECD).

Acquisitions can be a challenging experience – there are new systems, policies, and people to become acquainted with quickly. However, the InfoArchive team members have integrated as remarkably as they have succeeded in their numerous product updates.

Prior to acquisition, the InfoArchive Engineering team members were already a close community in many of the numerous local hubs they work out of (the team works across the globe in many countries, including the US, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Russia and India).

In the US, there are many team members based in Pleasanton, California. The InfoArchive Engineering team members in the US describe their culture as “work hard, laugh hard”. They get a lot of work done, but they take time to celebrate too – with wine and paint nights, bocce ball tournaments, charity fundraisers, and other team-building events together.

In Rotterdam, Netherlands, another hub for the InfoArchive Engineering team, Michiel Veen, Senior Director of Software Engineering, describes the team culture as “collaborative and ‘gezellig’” – a Dutch term that means cozy, friendly, and comfortable. This comes as no surprise, since some members on this team have worked together for 16+ years!

Members of the InfoArchive team from around the globe have commented that the transition to OpenText has been a good experience overall.

“From day one, I felt welcomed by the OpenText family. Senior executives are very accessible and the culture here feels open and warm,” says Sandip Chitale, Senior Software Engineering Consultant. “OpenText is a good fit for us because our product is software (not hardware), and what better place to work and improve on this product than at a software company.”

Many of the values team members brought over continue to resonate and blend well with OpenText values as well as our collaborative and performance-based culture.

“Both companies are customer focused at heart – which is really exciting to see,” explains Aras Kannu, Principal UX Designer. “It’s been a good experience integrating so far and we’re looking forward to a period of new growth and innovation opportunities.”

At OpenText, acquisitions are part of who we are as a company. The people who join us, through acquisition or otherwise, help shape our diverse global identity as an organization, and we are thrilled to welcome this productive, energetic team and their wonderful product to our organization.

Find out more about our current culture and values by visiting our Careers page.

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