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Why is it called ApplicationXtender?

Control the barely repeatable processes that cause chaos

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”
William ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet

The answer for “Why ApplicationXtender?” is lost in the annals of history now, but having said that, I think the name is great and it gives a really clear statement on the value of the product. Here’s why:

If you think about how you talk: Say, the last time you did expenses , requested resources, or completed an information form at work – what did you tell people you were going to do? If you take the example of expenses, most likely you explained that you had to complete the expense “App”. If your company uses Excel to manage expenses,  in today’s mobile first, short form, world EVERYTHING you do is an App-lication.

In today’s lexicon Apps are the name for any process that people do as part of their job. Thank you Apple!

This is why I think the name ApplicationXtender is still a great expression of what “AX” lets you do:

  • Bring the ease of an App into mundane processes
  • Extend the control of user’s access by moving process out of email and Excel

As I have talked about before in a previous blog, the core documents that bring value to an ECM purchase often come into the organization as part of processes.

In order to see value you need to provide a single application that extends your processes into your document repository.

There are two categories of business processes with respect to information creation/usage:

  1. Highly repeatable. These kinds of processes are guided by regulations/rules or move information that must be accounted for at each step-you need confirmation and auditability. e.g. mortgage applications, payments, prescriptions. A defining feature is they go to the same people every time. Typically, the process is part of your ERP system while the documents are stored in an integrated ECM. This is also the notorious Excel/spreadsheet+Email+print and save or “EEP” – If this is you consider moving to ApplicationXtender [see our AP processing video and other resources].
  2. Barely repeatable (BRPs) These processes are the ones where the “how” is not as important as the deliverable. e.g. internal approvals, payments, informed consent. These are typically document review heavy and require control over the documents but not really the process-only the final approval or document is a record. Typically they have a complex if/then about who approves, who completes, and who owns the record.

ApplicationXtender shines in these type of BRP management Apps.

Document processes that ApplicationXtender handles
Typical BRPs – Barely Repeatable Processes

The user interface is easy to use for any type of new document- irrelevant of source- a scanned document is a one-button just like a new electronic document. For users the process is the same and they do not leave their App for something as mundane as scanning in a Purchase Order.

Documents are automatically organized via the organization’s agreed upon process name. If everyone is storing documents based on what processes the documents are APPlicable to then the next person can automatically find them based on simply knowing what tasks they are doing!

ApplicationXtender screenshot
User landing pages make it easy to work in processes

Top 3 areas of improvement in OpenText™ ApplicationXtender 16.3

This is the vision of ApplicationXtender – and we think the upcoming release in December will provide a first class experience for organizations that are looking to enable their document heavy processes- and move off of document heavy processes with the integrated Forms and Process management (i.e. Workflow).

1. Customer Experience

  • Optimized Document viewer
  • Enhanced Text Search
  • Result set improvements
  • Improved printing support

2. Productivity

  • Web-Based Scanning
  • Expanded MSG file support

3. Extensibility

  • Rest Service Enhancements

Stay tuned for more details as we getting closer to the launch of ApplicationXtender 16.3!

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Chris Wynder

Chris is the Product Marketing Manager for Capture and ApplicationXtender. He has a wealth of information management knowledge, particularly in highly regulated industries. He shares his deep belief in analysis and taxonomy as the basis of good information governance in his blogs.

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