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Why Enterprises Need to Embrace App Culture

Every day you turn to your technology devices to make your life simpler. Your smartphone is full of apps that help you get to work, organize your day, take your documents everywhere you go, keep you in constant touch, and ensure you are up-to-date with almost anything you need. If you don’t have an app to do something, there’s always someone there to remind you, “there’s an app for that.” With the advent of cloud technology, those apps have spread even farther allowing us to constantly take these apps with us no matter where we are or what device we are on. They’re an integral part of our personal life, so why aren’t they part of our business lives? Enterprise businesses need the ease of apps as much as we do personally, but instead most are living with rigid, manual, slow and costly processes that are incapable of delivering apps and services to users efficiently, and when they need them. Why?

The enterprise application world is more disjointed than the consumer apps running our mobiles. Just think, how many times have you been on-boarded to a new job and there was actually an app to streamline the process? Usually you spend days filling out forms, sending them to the HR manager, IT manager and operations department, bogging down multiple departments with tickets. If you’re lucky, it takes a week or more for you to have the permissions you need to do your job.

What if instead there was an app for downloading new and needed enterprise software instead of calling IT and logging a ticket? Imagine, as a new employee, you are now able to visit an app catalog or store, choose your apps, and with proper security, those apps are made available to you right then and there. The technology exists – all we need to do is to apply it to the enterprise environment.

That’s why organizations have started looking for intermediaries that can manage it for them. We call these intermediaries Cloud Service Brokers and they help organizations to discover, deliver, consume and maintain the cloud services. A broker can be a system integrator providing a service for many organizations, or a department within a large organization provisioning services and apps for employees and other departments. By utilizing Cloud Service Brokers, enterprises can provide a one-stop-shop for their employees or customers, allowing them to select apps from a market place and delivering it within minutes, dramatically improving customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

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