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What’s new in OpenText Qfiniti and Explore EP6

At OpenText™, the Customer Experience Management (CEM) team is committed to providing organizations with intelligent content services that transform and optimize customer experiences. We know that our true advantage comes from listening to our customers, staying on top of industry changes, and relying on the expertise of our team members.

The release of OpenText™ Qfiniti and Explore 16.6 reflects our commitment by delivering a comprehensive view of customer insights, employee performance, accuracy, and security.

View List Charts

In Qfiniti Observe, Advise and Survey, we have added view list charts. This enables customers to create defined data visualizations to quickly identify patterns of business success and opportunities by teams or individual members across multiple data points on one screen. users can quickly refresh the chart image, open and edit the charts definition dialogue, open the chart in a separate enlarged window, export the chart image or data for printing, or delete the chart. The new visualizations will utilize data already filtered and summarized by customers using familiar product functionality.

OpenText Qfiniti Cloud Platform: Support for all Amazon Connect Regions

We can now deploy Qfiniti for Amazon Connect in all five of the Amazon data centers that support Amazon Connect.  These are Northern Virginia, Oregon, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Sydney.  This means that customers in these regions are able to purchase and fully-utilize Qfiniti for Amazon Connect which currently includes Qfiniti Observe, Qfiniti Advise and Optimize, and Qfiniti ICE.

OpenText Explore

Diarization Support for Mono recordings

In some recording environments, a Whisper Tone Message may be recorded before the agent starts their introduction. This is not a problem when manually listening to a recording, but in a speech-to-text (STT) environment, the inclusion of a Whisper Tone Message can significantly decrease the quality of Diarization for mono recordings.  Since Diarization works best when there are two speakers per call, without music on hold or whisper tone, this feature allows the Qfiniti Administrator to “mute” the transcription of for a pre-defined time frame as part of the Speech Server Settings, effectivity removing the Whisper Tone from the transcript and increasing the accuracy of the Diarization transcription.

Multiple Party Indicator

Qfiniti Observe now uses CTI messaging to classify recordings that it determines to contain more than two speakers by adding a new field called “Multiple Party” to the recording’s metadata. Since the quality of Diarization for mono recordings with more than two speakers diminishes, Qfiniti Administrators can configure ingestion plans to exclude multi-party recordings from transcription and/or the multi-party flag can be used in Explore to exclude multi-party recordings from searches, Topic definitions, or AutoScore results.

OpenText Directory Services

By utilizing OpenText Directory services (OTDS), customers can automatically synchronize their Qfiniti and Explore user information with user information already contained in their Windows Active Directory or LDAP3.  OTDS offers synchronization and authentication features that can help Qfiniti and Explore customers save time and administrative overhead, enabling them to maintain user information in one directory for use by multiple applications.

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EP6 makes it easier than ever for organizations to create, visualize and deliver amazing customer experiences.

Discover all the latest innovations in OpenText Experience solutions here, and read more about OpenText Release 16, OpenText Cloud and OpenText OT2 here. Learn more about OpenText Qfiniti and Explore here.

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