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What’s new in OpenText Intelligent Capture Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2

Automating and improving remote user productivity

OpenText™ Intelligent Capture (formerly Captiva) Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2 continues to deliver innovation in automating manual processes, enhanced user interfaces (UIs) for increased user productivity and integration directly with OpenText™ Extended ECM. Now more than ever, existing customers and partners are asking how they can do more with less while providing secure user interfaces to push work out to a remote workforce. The Intelligent Capture Web Client has been significantly enhanced in CE 20.2 to include powerful new automation capabilities and an updated, ergonomic and intuitive UI for remote users to accomplish more with less manual sorting and fewer key-strokes. These significant automation and UI updates are made specifically for the Web Client, enabling field and home workers to process more documents with fewer manual steps. These enhancements include Single-Click Entry, Auto-table complete and On-Image Navigation.

Single-Click Entry enables users to easily see the data in context with the business rules and validate lower confidence OCR (Optical Character Recognition) results immediately. The feature also automates common formatting issues that take several key strokes to repair. For example, date fields are automatically normalized, providing standardized output for downstream processes. In addition, common OCR errors are automatically corrected in numeric fields, such as automatically replacing a 5 for an S or a 1 for an l. These capabilities provide organizations with improved “pass through rates”- or the ability for the software to recognize and process the document with no manual interaction- and support users in allowing them to focus less on correcting simple formatting issues and more on providing corrections that increase business value.

Table Auto-Complete provides an additional Web Client enhancement that builds upon the functionality of Single-Click Entry, allowing users to easily identify table data, then confirm and leverage Single Click Entry to enter the first row of data to automate table completion. The user can select “Auto-Complete” from the context menu and the system automatically recognizes the remaining lines in the table- not only for the page in view but for all subsequent pages until the end of the table within the document. And, in the case of any documents displaying a lower recognition confidence or threshold, auto-complete can be performed multiple times, using all rows above the field displayed as “confirmed.” Table Auto-Complete also leverages machine learning to further automate processes, as in the example of recognizing and processing line items that split pages, once a document type has been recognized and “learned” correctly.

Next, the OpenText Web Client now includes “On-Image Navigation,” enabling the operator to move between fields on any document type simple by moving the mouse wheel, further eliminating key-strokes. This ergonomic approach allows simultaneous “in context” field focus for improved validation efficiency- allowing users to process more documents with fewer key-stokes while at the same time providing the “in context” business rules for the field displayed.

Another key enhancement to the Web Client, given that organizations are pushing more client-side work to remote users, is improved security, enhanced support for Citrix environments, Google Cloud and Extended ECM. As many organizations roll out global capture solutions, security, web client connectivity, cloud and enterprise readiness are increasingly important in improving user productivity, reducing latency and leveraging cloud scalability.

As capture is most often defined as the starting point and fundamental to any successful transformation initiative, we continue to invest heavily in OpenText Intelligent Capture.  We are delighted with the feedback from clients and partners around the world, especially on our immediate focus of enhancing the Web Client to efficiently distribute capture tasks to an increasingly remote and distributed workforce. It is important to remember that for existing environments, Captiva has now become OpenText Intelligent Capture and there are no changes to existing licensing or requirements or to existing “CaptureFlows”. In addition, we are very excited about the ability to supply customers and shared services leaders with new capabilities in coming releases, including improvements in areas which our customers have identified as most impactful to their business, including but not limited to, machine learning, analytics, AI and process automation. As we narrow the scope and focus on a single enterprise capture solution, we have the resources and experience necessary to provide the tools to extend capture capabilities to all types of business application with OpenText Intelligent Capture.

For OpenText customers looking for enhanced reporting and administrative dashboards, we now offer custom Intelligent Capture (AKA Captiva) templates for OpenText™ Magellan™ BI & Reporting (formerly OpenText Information Hub (iHub). Check your My Support account to see which templates are right for you (log on required).

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Jim Hayes

Jim works in Capture Product Marketing for Enterprise Content Management at OpenText. He has 25 years of experience in the capture and information management markets, working for 12 years in Europe as country manager for Germany and then as Director of Business Development for EMEA. He has held several leadership roles in sales and marketing and is now based in the Bay Area.

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