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What’s new in OpenText eDOCS

The latest updates include ....

The latest announcement by OpenText of Cloud Editions includes some great updates to OpenText™ eDOCS. Check out the latest updates below.

November 2021: What’s New in OpenText eDOCS CE 21.4

Update 1: Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) with new cloud integrations

  • Save cloud costs with the option to connect to an Azure SQL server, reducing TCO for organizations that do not require always-on access. 
  • Pay-as-go-you model (metered usage) aligns costs to usages.  

Update 2: Improve Section 508 compliance for better eDOCS user accessibility 

  • The enhancements to the eDOCS InfoCenter interface support U.S. Section 508 software guidelines and eliminates the risk of discriminating against users with visual or physical impairments that need assistive technology to interact with computer software.  
  • The InfoCenter interface supports assistive technologies, allowing all users to interact with eDOCS. 

Update 3: Enhance collaboration with Microsoft Teams  

  • Automate adding an eDOCS Workspace, Folder and FlexFolder to a Microsoft Teams channel, which with eDOCS CE 21.4 can now be performed from within the eDOCS interface, reducing the manual steps needed make the two products work together. 
  • Improve seamless collaboration for workgroups and practice areas from within the eDOCS InfoCenter interface. 
  • Simplify the user experience and control the content between eDOCS and Microsoft Teams. 

Native integration between eDOCS and Microsoft Teams channels allows users to:  

  • Pull content from the Microsoft Teams channel ensuring all matter content is in eDOCS 
  • Push content from eDOCS to Microsoft Teams for external collaboration 
  • Create Channel Tabs in Microsoft Teams which link to matter content in eDOCS 

May 2021: What’s new in OpenText eDOCS CE 21.2

Update 1: Streamline productivity with ‘Smart Profiling’

With CE 21.2, eDOCS adds AI-enabled functionality in InfoCenter. With the new Smart Profiling feature in the InfoCenter client for Microsoft Word and Outlook, eDOCS metadata fields that classify a document are automatically pre-filled with suggestions based on the metadata in the document. For users profiling documents from external sources, this time-saving feature provides suggestions that users can accept. The result is a reduction of manual inputs otherwise required to profile a document making the process more efficient.

Update 2: Easily perform mass profile updates on eDOCS content via InfoCenter

CE 21.2 also introduces functionality that enables users to quickly re-classify large volumes of eDOCS content in IC.

If content was misfiled or requires updating, document classifications can quickly be rectified with the correct metadata changes. This is especially handy, for example, when individuals change roles in the organization or move on. Security on sensitive content that individuals previously had access to can be updated to remove the current user and update to the new one. Additionally, the system provides notification of successfully completed updates.

Update 3: Enhanced Activity Tracker tile delivers at-a-glance project management to InfoCenter

eDOCS CE 21.2 also delivers at-a-glance project management with the enhanced Activity Tracker tile. The new feature allows users to quickly see activity status on documents assigned to team members, avoiding time-consuming follow-up.

March 2021: What’s new in OpenText eDOCS CE 21.1

Update 1: Improve productivity and team collaboration with faster content search tiles that track activities

With the new Recent Activities search tile, subject matter experts, including lawyers, can immediately access documents they interacted with in the last 30 days. The new IC home tile automatically displays a list of recent user activities including recently searched, accessed, viewed, and emailed. By clicking on the activity, users can quickly see documents accessed for matter research, eliminating the need for Administrators to run a business intelligence report on their recent activities.

Additionally, with the new User Activities tile, document authors can see a list of users who have performed actions within the last 30 days against documents they saved into eDOCS. Authors can quickly see team members who have reviewed or made changes to documents, supporting timely matter and project collaboration timelines.

Update 2: New enhancements improve InfoCenter experience

eDOCS CE 21.1 also adds efficiency enhancements to InfoCenter including:

  • Increased feature parity compared to the DM Extensions.
  • Improvements to the cloud integration with Microsoft™ OneDrive™ released in eDOCS CE 20.4.
  • A new preference to remove original document from OneDrive after the document is saved to eDOCS providing greater version integrity.

Whether accessed in the cloud, on premise or with mobile or desktop, or via any Microsoft productivity, collaboration or file share application, OpenText™ eDOCS CE 21.1 helps teams quickly and securely collaborate, share, and manage high value content – efficiently via InfoCenter.

December 2020: What’s new in OpenText eDOCS CE 20.4

Update 1: Streamline document collaboration with new Microsoft Teams, Microsoft OneDrive and OpenText Core Share integrations

With new integration to Microsoft cloud applications and Core Share, knowledge workers can enhance productivity while easily adapting to their changing working environments. Features include:

  • Deploying InfoCenter as a Teams application allowing users to access, store and share eDOCS content directly within Teams
  • Simplifying secure, external collaboration and co-authoring with Core Share and OneDrive
  • Accessing Office online and sharing content real-time with external parties (where permissible)

Update 2: Advance a modern, secure work-anywhere experience with InfoCenter

eDOCS CE 20.4 also adds time-saving enhancements to InfoCenter (IC), the modern UI, while adhering to company-specific security protocols. Enhancements include:

  • A secure single sign-on (SSO) that saves time by eliminating repetitive log-ins when working with multiple, integrated cloud applications;
  • Increased feature parity between IC and eDOCS classic DM extensions;
  • Support for deep links to open, download, view profile, preview or view a document;
  • Quick Save functionality for eDOCS RM; and,
  • Guest Log-in that allows for anonymous public access to view-only documents (requires an anonymous user license).

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