What’s new in OpenText eDOCS CE 21.2

Automate document classification with InfoCenter’s smart profiling

Law firms and legal departments store thousands of matter-related documents for existing clients. When lawyers and their teams are pressured by deadlines or have a volume of documents to upload and profile, the accuracy of profiling a document can be easily compromised by user error. Typically, users manually select document profile fields, which is a time-consuming process. When a document is mistagged, it could be missed in critical matter-related searches.

Now, with new auto-classification enhancements to InfoCenter, the eDOCS modern user interface, CE 21.2 streamlines the document profiling process ensuring accuracy while saving time.

Streamline productivity with ‘Smart Profiling’

With CE 21.2, eDOCS adds AI-enabled functionality in InfoCenter. With the new Smart Profiling feature in the InfoCenter client for Microsoft Word and Outlook, eDOCS metadata fields that classify a document are automatically pre-filled with suggestions based on the metadata in the document. For users profiling documents from external sources, this time-saving feature provides suggestions that users can accept. The result is a reduction of manual inputs otherwise required to profile a document making the process more efficient.

With eDOCS CE 21.2, save time profiling documents with new AI functionality while ensuring classification accuracy.

Easily perform mass profile updates on eDOCS content via InfoCenter

CE 21.2 also introduces functionality that enables users to quickly re-classify large volumes of eDOCS content in IC.

If content was misfiled or requires updating, document classifications can quickly be rectified with the correct metadata changes. This is especially handy, for example, when individuals change roles in the organization or move on. Security on sensitive content that individuals previously had access to can be updated to remove the current user and update to the new one. Additionally, the system provides notification of successfully completed updates.

With eDOCS CE 21.2, quickly re-classify large volumes of eDOCS content and receive notification of successfully completed updates.

Enhanced Activity Tracker tile delivers at-a-glance project management to InfoCenter

eDOCS CE 21.2 also delivers at-a-glance project management with the enhanced Activity Tracker tile. The new feature allows users to quickly see activity status on documents assigned to team members, avoiding time-consuming follow-up.

With CE 21.2, InfoCenter’s enhanced Activity Tracker lets users quickly see activity status on documents assigned to team members, avoiding time-consuming follow-up.

Whether accessed in the cloud, on premise or a range of mobile, desktop, Microsoft productivity, collaboration, or file share applications, OpenText™ eDOCS CE 21.2 helps teams quickly and securely collaborate, share, and manage high value content – efficiently via InfoCenter.

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Kati Bujna

As the Product Marketing Manager for OpenText eDOCS and Decisiv, Kati supports eDOCS, a document and records management solution and Decisiv, an AI-powered, enterprise search solution, for legal, government, professional services industries inclusive of those with high touch, high value work product. She is responsible for global product and solution messaging and its implementation through all internal and external channels of communication. Kati brings over 15 years of experience within the Information Management industry, at OpenText and other technology companies. She is passionate about helping customers learn and benefit from product innovations for business. Connect at, via LinkedIn, the ILTA community, or at any upcoming OpenText digital user conference!

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