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What’s new in OpenText Documentum for Asset Operations EP6

Today’s engineering projects present significant challenges when executed in operational facilities.  However, the new OpenText™ Documentum™ for Asset Operations offers many key project features that greatly expand the solution’s ability to manage large and dynamic projects. Since the projects are managed in the same solution as the facility’s operational documents, tasks are simplified for both engineers and document controllers.

Automated workflow and transmittal distribution

OpenText Documentum for Asset Operations Release 16 EP6 features distribution matrices that allow workflows and transmittals to be automatically routed to recipients based on business rules you define.  For example, if you want all piping documents to be automatically routed to your piping group for review and approval, Asset Operations will forward those documents based on business rules created in a distribution matrix. Distribution rules are automatically applied whenever any such document is included in a workflow.

Distribution matrices can also automatically route transmittals to outside parties.

Document bulk loading

As all projects deal with significant amounts of data, effectively managing large batches of documents is an essential feature of any engineering content management system. Documentum for Asset Operations now features a robust bulk loading tool that allows document controllers to easily manage and upload large batches of engineering documents.  The tool allows you to define the matching and validation rules that govern the loading process, as well as schedule imports with the automated job function. Metadata is easily managed and categorized in the spreadsheet utilized by the utility.

Other project features new to 16.6:

  • Easily returning project documents to the operations vault
  • Streamlined project creation
  • Improved Brava! comment consolidation

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Cameron Brennan

Cameron is the Director of Program Management for ECM-based Engineering and Asset Information Management solutions at OpenText. His focus is on large capital projects as well as operations and maintenance in the energy, chemicals, and natural resources sectors.

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