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AppWorks Release 16 EP6: Improved Usability and Tight Integrations

In today’s competitive environment, one imperative for every organization is to deliver dynamic digital experiences. That’s easy to state, but not easy to execute. Organizations grapple with content silos, disconnected processes, and lack of transparency and insight. They also need agility to quickly adjust to unexpected opportunities, competitive pressures, and new insight.

These business challenges aren’t going to go away but efficient, streamlined processes and low-code applications that are quick to build, iterate and deploy can help you adjust to them. That’s where OpenText™ AppWorks™ comes in – and the new features delivered with Release 16, Enhancement Pack 6 (EP6).

Productivity and efficiency gains

In short, AppWorks provides a single platform that enables process-centric applications to be designed quickly and efficiently at lower cost. Applications can be prototyped quickly, by business analysts using the information they need to drive business outcomes. This frees up developers to concentrate on technical areas such as integrations and security.

Not all process automation platforms can deliver the capabilities necessary for digital, context-rich, and compliant processes. AppWorks uses enterprise information as a strategic asset to deliver an information advantage by orchestrating the business processes that connect various systems and content, both structured and unstructured, enabling people to easily find and use the information they need while improving efficiency and reducing risk.

Organizations get a head start with integrations to OpenText™ Content Server, OpenText™ Extended ECM, and OpenText™ Documentum™; pre-built, meaningful integrations with SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, and the like; and other EIM capabilities such as AI-augmented capture. All this adds up to speed, agility, improved productivity and peace of mind knowing that information is governed and compliantly managed.

What’s new: improved usability, tight integrations

With EP6, OpenText has made significant investments to improve usability and deliver tight integrations. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned developer, the newly re-designed developer workspace, features easier and faster navigation, more guidance, and fewer clicks needed to perform tasks.

Here are the highlights:

  • A simplified view for novice developers with advanced configurations that are readily available on demand
  • A streamlined experience with fewer clicks to perform tasks, speeding development
  • Intuitive use of building blocks, available inside entities for a simplified view, that are also grouped by function and collapsible for targeted viewing
  • Improved search and copy capabilities providing faster starts for extending applications or creating new ones
  • Users can quickly search for and copy forms, lists, layouts, etc.
  • Embedded help provides instant in-context guidance to help developers build things right the first time
OpenText AppWork’s newly re-designed developer workspace features easier and faster navigation.

The dialog to add a relationship to an entity is a great example of how this release provide more guidance. The right-hand side of the dialog explains the different types of relationships to help the person developing the application choose the right option.

With a simplified view for novice developers and embedded help, it’s easier than ever to build applications right the first time.This release also contains the completely new AppWorks User Experience, written using a “mobile first” philosophy to deliver a delightful tablet experience and make it easier to configure applications to empower employees, partners and customers. Other highlights include:

  • Better rendering, performance
  • Rich media support including images, tables, and other formatting
  • Support for right-to-left languages, simplifying configuration

With EP6, AppWorks infuses processes with enterprise information through tight integrations with platforms supporting applications specific to industries and functional areas, including:

OpenText™ Core for Quality Management automates the responses to nonconformance and CAPA events, while ensuring that associated and controlled documents are up to date. Documents that need to be updated, referenced, or uploaded as part of the CAPA process are now searchable and linked in OpenText Documentum, reducing risk of non-compliance.

OpenText™ Contract Center centralizes contract management for increased productivity, improved profitability, and reduced risk. External contract party details can now be sourced directly from Salesforce through a new integration.

As your organization looks for new ways to drive efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness, AppWorks can help. Using a low-code approach, AppWorks helps your team gain speed and agility, streamlining processes with intelligent automation and connecting valuable enterprise information – no matter where it resides. That’s how AppWorks delivers results.

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Lori McKellar

Lori McKellar is the Senior Director of Product Marketing for OpenText. She focuses on products, solutions and services related to AI, Analytics, Low-code development and Process Automation, that help organizations increase automation, operational efficiencies and maximize revenue. She brings over twenty years’ experience in selling and marketing enterprise software in information management.

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