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What is Enterprise Social good for?

What exactly is Enterprise Socialgood for? What can Tempo-Social do for my business? We have all heardthese type of questions before.

Today, it’s difficult to imagineany organization without email. I believe the state of affairs for the“Social Enterprise” is analogues to the early days of email, a timewhere some questioned email’s business value. In much the same way,Social will come to be seen as essential to the Enterprise.

So, what exactly is Enterprise Social good for? Let me count the ways;

  • Executive Outreach – CEO/Executive blogs, posts and status updates
  • Employee Connectivity – Learn about, follow, and interact with other individuals throughout the organization
  • Open Communication – Break down the walls and silos of information. Encourage discussion
  • Situational Awareness- What’s going on with the rest of the company – know an individual’sor team status, who is working on what, where they are, what’s on theirmind
  • Knowledge Sharing -Share interesting and relevant information/articles with your colleges
  • Information Discovery – Ability to tune in to areas of interest “diving signal from noise”. Fine tune and customize the activity stream/s
  • Serendipitous Learning – Discover relevant or interesting information by chance
  • Personal Notes – Private documents and TODOs (accessible from your home page) – this is the flipside of a profile
  • Internal Team Collaboration – A space to work and share content with individuals working on a common project
  • External Team Collaboration- A Sandbox or locked down community accessible to externals, work withexternals on a project whilst not exposing them to the rest of theorganization
  • Distributed Workforce – Common workspacesand asynchronous communication help when working with employeesdistributed over many geographies and time zones. The workforce isbecoming increasingly global, hours becoming more flexible and workingfrom home increasingly common
  • Participation – Encouragepeople to contribute and share (reward those who contribute) typicallyby building an “economy” around followers, karma points, credits, etc
  • Individual Empowerment – Give voice to all employees. Anyone should be able to post an idea in an ideation app, or interact with executives
  • Wisdom of Crowds- Allow the community to self-classify, organize content, and vote. Thecrowd can be surprisingly clever. It’s been shown that a “diversecollection of independently deciding individuals is likely to makecertain types of decisions and predictions better than even experts

Agree, disagree ? What have I missed? Discussion and Feedback welcome.

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