Vegas 2015

Haven’t been to Enterprise World? Make 2015 the year you go.

Whether you’re an IT administrator, developer, systems architect or executive, our annual user conference will show you how to maximize your OpenText investment and reach your unique business goals. Our offering of breakout sessions, keynote speakers, exhibitors and targeted training courses makes OpenText Enterprise World (EW) an invaluable learning and networking opportunity.

The 2015 edition promises to be a standout year that you’ll want to experience, whether you’ve been before or not. We have some exciting product news in store, plus a great lineup of keynote speakers, a fun Thursday night event and new seminars. If that weren’t enough, we’re taking the show to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, one of the world’s largest and most iconic hotels.

For customers, there may be no better reason to attend our conference than to receive face-to-face, hands on training from OpenText experts, educators and developers. In today’s digital world, online training has become a convenient and invaluable tool for people around the world. But I think there is still something to be said for friendly, in-person instruction where you can ask questions and interact with your peers in a true learning environment.

Our Learning Services team does a great job of crafting a range of courses that encompass our many solutions and address a variety of common scenarios. For instance, customers often tell me that the biggest challenge they face is rolling out a new solution to their install base and gaining significant user adoption. This year, we have a number of classes that will provide techniques for making user interface customizations, improving system performance and building your system around the needs of your users, all of which could help increase your rate of user adoption.

The courses we offer at Enterprise World are designed to pack as much information into as little time as possible, maximizing your time and value. I encourage you to take a look through our complete training catalogue to determine which courses are right for you.

Finally, to give you a better idea of what you’ll see at EW this year, we’re hosting a complimentary webinar that will run through the conference schedule, show you what to expect while there and help you secure approval. I’ve even heard rumors of a special guest who will provide some local tips on how to make the most of your time in Vegas.

If you’re planning to attend but haven’t registered, make sure you do by September 12th to take advantage of our Early Bird rate and save $700.

James McGourlay

James has been with OpenText since 1997 and is Executive Vice President, Worldwide Support. Customer life-time value, and accelerating customers’ time to value are his passion. Throughout the last 18 years, James has been the catalyst for tremendous growth in the OpenText Customer Services team for the Americas. He has sponsored programs such as the Knowledge Center, Partner Support Program, quality audits and enhanced Customer Support programs. He and his team are also spearheading the movement towards integrations management, social engagement support for customers and continued improvements to the customer experience.

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