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Using OpenText Core to maximize the extended enterprise

The concept of the “extended enterprise” is based on the idea that organizations can no longer operate in isolation. Their success is dependent upon an external network of vendors and suppliers sharing and collaborating on content. As part of this, companies are finding it increasingly necessary to simply and quickly share valuable corporate information across this network.

OpenText™ Content Suite enables secure external sharing by leveraging the new cloud and mobile capabilities of OpenText™ Core to extend the reach of corporate content into previously hard-to-coordinate environments; like remote pockets of field workers or the extended enterprise of suppliers and contractors. People get access to the information they need, at the point they need it. Tasks get done on time, ideas flow smoothly, and information security is built in to the process.

The freedom to share content securely and quickly is an ideal combination, but it’s often hard to come by. With Content Suite it’s easy:

OpenText Content Suite

Just select the documents you want to share and choose “Share externally.”

OpenText Content Suite

Enter the email addresses of the people you want to share with and add a message.

OpenText Content Server

You can select whether each participant has read-only access to your documents, or full read/write access if you want them to be able to edit and save new drafts and versions. Then hit share, which sends emails inviting recipients to share and collaborate through OpenText Core.

A tile on the Content Suite home screen ensures you stay in control of what is being shared externally, and an exportable audit trail means you (and your IT administrator) can see who shared what, with whom, and when!

At any time, you can return a shared document back to its original location in Content Suite by selecting “Revoke Share” in the Smart UI

This retrieves the last version of the document from OpenText Core and adds it as a new version in Content Suite. The document is removed from Core and all participants in the share are notified.

Watch this short demo video to see OpenText Content Suite working with OpenText Core to easily build collaborative relationships across the extended enterprise—and maximize the competitive advantages gained when suppliers become partners.

For Content Suite users, Core adds a safe space where documents can be shared externally for collaboration with customers and partners. Join us for a webinar on February 13 as we review what’s new in OpenText Content Suite, including demonstrations of how it works with Core to simplify and improve external file sharing. Register today!

George Harot

George is a Product Marketing Director for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, based in London, UK.

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